received my new med. classic flap...question

  1. i got the med. blk caviar w/ gold it, can't stop staring at it....however, noticed that right underneath the smaller flap, the leather seems to wrinkle/bubble, it's definitely alittle bit uneven, i can't take a pic cuz i am not home right now, and there's no camera avilable, anyone knows what i'm talking about? is it nhormal? thanks
  2. really have no idea ... pictures would be a GREAT HELP !
  3. I found this thread through a search, I know its old. But I have the exact same problem with my new purchase as well. Its like one diamond quilt puffs out more than it should from the rest of the bag and has a slightly wrinkly corner. Am I being super anal? Is this normal or should I exchange? It is also my very first Chanel bag. Helppp.
  4. ^I haven't had this problem with any of my bags... A pic would be helpful as I'm finding it difficult to visualize your problem...