Received my new baby!

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  1. I was desperately lacking an oxblood bag in my collection, so I could not miss this baby when I found her!
    She is preloved but in absolutely new condition, which is a real plus ;)
    Her hears were outside when she arrived safely from the UK to Switzerland but I tucked them inside as I prefer her this way :heart:
    Hope you find her as beautiful as I do and thanks very much again to her incredibly nice precious owner :smile:
    Presenting my small quilted Bayswater :love:

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  2. Oh and thanks very much also to Pessie again, who was so helpful with the information she sent on the wear and tear of this bag - You are great :flowers:
  3. Hi dear Gringach! :flowers:

    Your new bag is gorgeous! :heart: Congrats! :smile:
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  4. Hello dear Taimi!
    Thank you for your message :heart:
    And how are you?? How is your bag collection evolving?
    After a break, I am back at welcoming some new babies in my beloved handbag family ;)
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  5. Hi dear Gringach! :heart:

    I just had a baby, our dear second daughter. :heart: So I’m great! Still recovering though. How are you?

    I haven’t bought a Mulberry for a while, but well, maybe I have them enough already. :angel: I’m considering a Bayswater tote though, I think it looks gorgeous. :smile:
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  6. Looks like I got this one wrong.. :eek:
    Thanks to Skater :flowers::flowers::flowers: for all the time she took to help me took my decision :smile:
    Best wishes :heart:
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  7. Oh dear Taimi:heart:
    This is such a lovely news:flowers:
    Congratulations for your new princess:heart:
    Wishing you a good recovery:smile::flowers::smile:
    And yes, a Bayswater tote could be useful;)
    Always a good reason to buy a bag..:biggrin:
    And by the way, this might be my next addition too;)
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  8. Thank you dear Gringach! :heart:

    I don’t have a proper tote, so it’s definitely on my wishlist! I’m not just sure which colour to go for.. Black would be a classic and easy to maintain, but overall I think black is a little boring.. Although I love the brown lining in it. For some reason I love black and brown together. :amuse:
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  9. Beautiful!!
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  10. Hi dear friend:heart:
    I have a Gerard Darrel tote in black since last year and this is the bag that I carry around when I am with my kids.. I love how black is zero maintenance.. It also goes with everything ;)
    I will most probably get a Mulberry one in black as a replacement of this one at some stage :biggrin:
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  11. You are right! Black is the safe choice and goes with everything. :smile: I suppose we are going to be bag twins again later. :biggrin:
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  12. Your Oxblood is stunning. Congrats! I haven’t been on in ages since the app was discontinued. So have a lot to catch up on.
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  13. Hi CP!
    Thanks for your message :flowers:
    I am looking forward to start using it this autumn I have to say..
    As this one is part of my winter bags collection ;)
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