Received my legacy black shoulder bag I bought on eBay..

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  1. ..and I'm very disappointed at how it looks. The seller has good ratings i.e 99.5% feedback and a score of almost 1800 whereas I'm new to eBay. According to the description the bag is a store display in new condition and has coach hang tag and circle charm. The bag I received doesn't have hangtag, charm and is very dirty inside and in the pockets :sad:. It is final sale so does it mean I cannot return it if the bag doesn't match the description. I haven't contacted the seller yet. I paid immediatly via Paypal and this is my first bad experience. Please advice on how I should handle this.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi ! What I would do is email the seller and advise her the condition of the bag is not even what was advised and it was misrepresented badly and you would not want to ruin her rating and if you can get a refund. good luck
  3. You stated your case very well in your post. I would just immediately conact the seller, and in the nicest way possible point out the ways that the bag you received differs from the auction listing. Tell the seller what you would like to happen. She could send you the charm and the hangtag and refund a portion of your payment for the dirtiness. Or, you could just tell her that it is not as described and that you want to return it because you bid on and expected a perfect bag. In my experience, it is best to approach a problem such as this in a polite, courteous manner. Then, if the seller doesn't respond the way that you want, you can file a significantly not as described dispute with eBay and PayPal. Good luck and keep us updated.
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  5. THANK YOU all so much for the quick response. Sorry if I posted in the wrong place:sad:. How can I move this to the eBay forum now?
  6. The Mods can move it. Check out the ebay forum, there's so much help, tips and support on there!
  7. Hi. I would contact the seller. Best bet is she sold one like it and then used that listing to make her new one. She may have missed some edits. No sale is final if you paid with paypal. I would go through the seller first and tell her what is wrong with the bag and compare that to the listing and photos.

    You have to think about whether a price adjustment is enough to settle it or if you want a refund.