Received my Ledbury today!!

  1. Hi I've received the Ledbury today which looks fab!!

    I can't believe the seller sent it though normal post, not even recorded or Special!!

    Luckily, I am an honest person as I wouldn't want someone to do it to me, but I could have turned round and said I didn't receive it, the postman left it on my doorstep!!

    The only thing I noticed is that it doesn't have that strong smell that my Annie has?
    Is this normal, it's definately the same bag as on eBay, but noticed that the inside is dyed brown to match the outside, could that be the reason why.

    Would it be wrong to email the seller and warn her not to post expensive items this way as not every one on eBay is honest and £190 would be alot to loose!!

    Sorry does anyone know how to stop itallics as my computer is doing funny things!!
  2. Sorry also meant to ask, my Annie is darwin leather too bit it is alot more bobbly than this newer one, does that happen with age or do the bags go through a different process??
  3. Replied in your other post - but will say there are so many variations on the leather - my ledbury is so different to my bayswater and that to my rosemary etc.