Received my I'm Not A Plastic Bag - US

  1. I looked at a couple of the other threads and they were more Europe-edition focused, so sorry if this is repetitive but I thought perhaps the US edition would benefit from its own thread.

    I got my INAPB by UPS this afternoon from Short Hills. I am very happy that they required signature, after reading on here about bags being left outside and stolen. Just made me more irritated with NM. :yes:

    It's much smaller than I had thought it was - it's only 12 x 12 x maybe 6". I ordered two (the max). It's cute, but I'm a bit worried there is no way this is going to hold all of my groceries.

    I guess those stars must be very very tiny, because the picture of Keira makes the bag look much bigger!

    Here it is stuffed with clothes:

    Edited to add that the quality seems fair to good. I say fair mostly because it seems like the handles don't move as freely in the hardware as they should and there's an annoying inside flap that gets all twisted.
  2. Thanks for sharing this info! I never would have thought it was so small... Maybe they did a different size for the U.S. ...?
  3. i'm suprised as well. I was thinking a grocery tote needs to be at least 16 X 16. But in Europe they don't buys groceries in bulk like America, so a bag for a few days groceries migh be that size. I have a vague memore from my time in Europe that bags for grocery shopping were not huge (neither the plastic ones you bought nor the cavas you bought)
  4. Yes, I received my alloted 2 last week, you're right it's about that size, mine is 13 x 12.5 x 7.5.

    I doubt it will hold my groceries either just when I go to Barnes & Noble or other "light shopping" I can use it then instead of those plastic bags.
  5. That's seems awfully small for groceries, but it's still cute. I would probably end up using it for something else, which completely defeats the purpose.
  6. It does look bigger on Kiera, but I'm a single student so two should be enough. I love this bag, and I like it better in the blue. Thanks for posting info on it!
  7. I'm sure that's what mine is too. I just eyeballed it...pretty close for not using a measuring tape!

    I took it to Jewel yesterday, and actually, it held more than I thought it would. You have to pack it pretty creatively though.
  8. That does seem small, even for not buying groceries in bulk. It still seems like such a hastle to get one, so maybe I'll pass.
  9. I saw one IRL the other day for the first time and I was surprised too by the size. Alot smaller then I expected!
    Congrats on getting the bag! (I missed out by one when they realeased them in the UK!).
  10. Hmmmm, I think I'd like one of these - too bad I probably won't be able to get my hands on one :sad:
  11. Congrats !!! very pretty in blue and it's hard to get one.

    Yep, production has stopped for Europe for now, anyways it's only UK and thing you know there will be fakes lol
  12. What store in Short Hills - Whole Foods?
  13. Never mind my question - I just saw that there is an Anya store in Short Hills.
  14. nice bag. i am glad to hear that you had it signed for. i can't believe that other peoples bags have gotten stolen too by being left out doors. people these days! enjoy your bag. i know you were hoping it to be bigger but i'm sure you'll do well with it. :smile:
  15. Thanks for sharing the info- you'll probably find a creative use for it- it's cute!