Received my first LP bag last night

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  1. I LOVE it, except that I noticed a couple of minor flaws right off the bat. There were two black stains on the bag already; one on the back & one on the side near the LP size which is about 1/2 inch long. They kind of look like ink stains. I was thinking about letting it slide even though I am known to be very picky, but my eyes seem to always zero on the stains. Also, I was looking at the bag this morning (with better lighting), & I noticed that the front half of the bag is a dark grey (which I loveee), & the back half is more of a taupe-y kind of grey. I know it's coz of the dying process, but I really don't want a bag that's two different shades.

    Has anyone else experienced these kinds of problems? Also, has anyone had any experience with exchanged with LunaBoston?

    I really don't like how I have to wait even more longer to use the bag since it was a pre-order already :tdown:
  2. Which bag was it? I had problems with the Dylan shoulder bag in Iron. I had to return 2 before I got one that was right. I ordered right from LP though and they were great about it. All of their bags seem different in the iron color. Some streaks and other marks seem to be more common with that color. It sucks.
  3. Luna Boston is great about exchanges. I had to exchange a dylan medium tote once, because I didn't like the streaking marks.

    I am sorry that your first experience with LP was a bad one. Their leather is so wonderful, they are my favorite brand.

    Plesae let us know what color you purchased.
  4. While packing the bag for the exchange, I did notice a few streak marks that mark that folds of the bag.. I thought it was just the shadow caused by the folds. Did your third one turn out the way you wanted it to be, sandc?

    @Olidivia: Did LunaBoston charge you a restocking fee or any extra fees, like shipping?
  5. Yes, my third bag is perfect. Every bag is going to be different because of their dying process. It was hard for me to deal with because I am so picky about my bags and it wasn't like I could see them in person first.
  6. No restocking fee. I just sent it back via FedEx ground for like $6 (includes delivery confirmation), I paid that.
  7. Ugh. I am bummed for you!