Received My First Coach Today: Monogram Stripe Tote

  1. Hi everyone!! I got my very first Coach bag today!! It's the new Monogram Stripe Tote and I had them monogram my initials. I also got the small matching wallet and the letter "M" charm. I took some pics of them. Just had to share. I love it!! :yahoo:

    7-20-06 009.jpg

    7-20-06 010.jpg
  2. Beautiful! Congrats on your purchase, enjoy
  3. OMG! Everything is so pretty! Congratulations, I love it in red!
  4. Thanks so much!! It's the perfect size tote too. I wanted to get the large matching wallet, but my color wasn't available. I ordered thru the Coach site, since there are no Coach stores anywhere near me.
  5. Aww.. the M is so cute with the tote, and it's such a great looking bag ! Congrats !
  6. That's one very "blinged out" Coach tote :lol: I love how vibrant the red trim is!! Congrats!! It's gorgeous!
  7. that is nice, i like the matching little wallet to go with the bag. with the charm added, the bag looks personal like customized just for you!:P
  8. Very pretty, enjoy!:yes:
  9. I like the whole set! The monogram looks fantastic too
  10. I love the whole combo! It really looks great.
  11. congrats!
  12. Great purchases. I like the matching wallet.
  13. WOW! that all matches so well! I LOVE IT! Is that Crimson or Vermillion?
  14. Cute bag! Congrats.
  15. congrats!
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