Received my Dream Bag --- it's Love

  1. :heart:Thanks to a sweet tpfer I received this beauty late last week. I have barely set it down since I received it. :yahoo:


  2. Wow, looks like the hunt is over...many congrats to you. It is stunning!
  3. OMG I LOOOOVE pewter! And yours is divine! (not to mention rare) It looks great on you! Fun and edgy! :woohoo:
  4. congrats! it looks really great on you! :yes:
  5. HOLY COW - that day bag is divine!!!! so luscious and gorgeous - congrats on finding your HG :yahoo:
  6. Wooooooooow :woohoo:Didn't even know this combo was available:shrugs: Sorry..:shame:

    IT LOOKS FAB ON YOU!!!!! LOVE IT - all silky and smooth...:yahoo: C O N G R A T S !!!
  7. Soooo pretty. Pewter is a beautiful metalic without being over the top. Love it and congrats!
  8. fabulous find!:yahoo: congrats:smile:
  9. I love it!! it's beautiful, really rare too! never see that colour:jammin:
  10. Gorgeous!! What a rare find!! I love your dress as well!! :smile:
  11. Gorgeous bag and gorgeous on you! Congrats! :nuts:
  12. Congrats!:yahoo::woohoo: It looks great on you.
  13. Ooh its gorgeous! I've always wondered what that style/colour looked like on - its stunning. Congrats on finding your HG.
  14. LOVE it!
  15. Congrats!!! she looks soooo soft!