Received my Chanel from Bluefly

  1. I purchased a quilted Chanel bag from Bluefly on Friday and just received it today. Although I have purchased from Bluefly in the past and had never had any problems, I was very hesitant because of some of the horror stories I had read(especially because it's a large purchase). I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I opened up the box. It's beautiful!! I'm sort of a newbie to Chanel but have been eyeing them at the Chanel boutiques. I used the helpful tips regarding authenticity as a reference and everything seems to check out just fine. I was wondering if you experts can fill me in on the size, retail price and if you think it looks OK from the pics. TIA!!
    Chanel bag sm.jpg Chanel bag sm 001.jpg Chanel bag sm 002.jpg Chanel bag sm 003.jpg
  2. I bought this bag on bluefly friday too! I am glad to hear you like it (mine hasn't arrived yet... tomorrow, I think.)

    I am anxious to hear the PFers take on it too!
  3. is your hardware gold or silver?
  4. it's beautiful! how did they end up on bluefly?

    if you don't mind me asking, how much did you ladies pay for this bag?
  5. congrats!!!

    That looks like the medium lambskin classic flap and I believe retail is $2095 now
  6. The hardware's silver
  7. Thanks takeoutbox and mello_yello. I paid $1676. Too bad I didn't have the 15% off code at the time. It would have been an even better deal.
  8. Looks fabulous! Congratulations. I've purchased many authentic designer items from
  9. Wow, the lambskin flap is beautiful. What a great find, it looks great.
  10. I used 15% off, so I got it for $1467 or something? don't remember the exact figures...
  11. wow! lucky you! i didn't know bluefly carried the classic flaps! i only see the seasonal stuff! i've gotta check out bluefly more often!
  12. Congratulations!
  13. what a great deal congrats!
  14. smoothoprter,michele,blushingbaby,blew415,baglover-Thanks!! I'm completely in love!!:love:
    This was my first time seeing the flap purses on Bluefly.

    lovey-Congrats on your purchase!! You're so lucky you saved a couple more hundred dollars. It was early in the morning when I purchased mine and the code I had was expired. Didn't have time to search for a new code cause I had to rush off to work.
  15. yeah thats the medium flap- lambskin
    wonder how they could sell it for so cheap..
    she is gorgeous- congrats
    I am about to go to Blue fly and see what they have.. lol