Received my Chanel BAG today but it is a wrong size!

  1. I ordered a metallic black reissue from US over the phone, after a few phone calls and emails and I decided to buy the 226 MB. She said it was the only size they got at the moment, 226. It arrived today. I opened it with my pounding heart and I was so disappointed that it is not the size I expected. Yes, it is a 225 sz !!! It is too small for my daily use. The SA is a nice gal but..... The bag was charged US2425 + $70 shipping on my credit card. If I return this bag, do you think I am the one who is reponsible for all the shipping fees? I am gonna lose money of the currency rate anyway.
  2. oh no, maybe call ur SA and see what should be done. Hope everything will turn up fine! =)
  3. It's not your fault. She sent the wrong size. I would demand that she sends me the correct ones and pays for the shipping.
  4. return her the bag and get her to send you the correct one, otherwise you should obtain a refund!
  5. yeah, u shld return the bag and ask her to refund you since it's the SA's fault at first not you.
  6. You absolutely should not be responsible for shipping either way, is there any paperwork enclosed that allows for returns? See if there is & if it's helpful.
    Best of luck!
  7. Thank you for your messages. Yes, I have the receipt and those emails regarding size 226. Did she charge me correctly $2425 for a 225 sz? She is very polite and patient. Therefore I have to ask your opionion if I am too mean to ask for a full refund in this case.
  8. I remember on some other post that $2425 is the new price for 225. It is the SA's mistake to send the wrong bag. I would ask politely to get refund for the shipping charge as well.

    Sorry you got the wrong bag and hope you get the 226 soon.