Received my Chain for Pochette's!

  1. I saw some of you were getting the Acordian Wallet chain for your pochettes and loved it I just had to get one! They had to order it so it took some time but it's here finally! Looks so cute! I will post pics later :heart:
  2. can't wait to see pics.
  3. Oh, please post some pics!
  4. how much do you love it!?!?!!
  5. Hey, congrats..! Yea, do post pix! :yes:
  6. i cant wait for pictures, congrats!
  7. Oooo... I'm still awaiting mine.
    Lucky you!!!
  8. Pictures please!
  9. Pictures! We don't believe you!!!
  10. Don't hold out on us too long.....:dothewave:.
  11. How much are those chains? Because I am thinking about getting the Azur pochette and I want a chain instead of the strap
  12. oooh.. pics please!
  13. Pics!!
  14. I posted pics on a seperate thread!