Received my Cerises Pochette from Saks....

  1. and not sure how I feel about it. Does anyone here have one and use it a lot? Hmmm......I just do not know. It was fun to open it up though!! I need to get my hands on a pochette extender; maybe that would help.
    cerise.JPG cerise1.JPG cerise3.JPG cerise4.JPG
  2. I used to have one until I sold it for a bigger bag. However, I loved it while I had it. It was so cute with the little cherries and their smiling faces! I got many compliments on them!
  3. Congratulations. I have one that I have never used. It's only been out of the box twice! Seeing yours, maybe I'll pull it out soon!
  4. Becca, congrats..are they still available??
  5. Congrats! Lucky of you to find one in the stores.

    I love my cerise pochette. I either use it as an cosmetics pouch or with an extender.

    What is it that you don't like?
  6. I had one but exchanged it for the Panda pochette (because I bought Cerises speedy). Anyhow, I have yet to use the Panda pochette. I find that I don't use my pochettes as often as I'd like.:sad:
  7. Not sure; I guess comparing it to the cles and the speedy, it just looks a bit funny (the larger mono print and 2 large cherries). I will get used to it, I am sure.
  8. Yes, but hurry! Call 1-866-Vuitton and have them locate one for you. When I called earlier this week they only had a few left. It was $375 plus $30 NYS tax. Damn NYS tax!!! :censor:
  9. Becca, congrats on finding one. It's a really cute pochette for inside a bigger purse or even to use as a smallish evening bag where you don't need to carry much.
  10. Congrats! I think it's really cute and I haven't seen any of these in Vancouver for a looooong time! Enjoy!
  11. I know exactly how you feel. I have a cerises cles and a cerises speedy and I didnt get the pouchette. I like the covered cerises better then just the two. But I think its cute. Just not my style I guess.
    Are you going to keep it??
  12. I don't know! It is such a nice collector's piece so maybe I will keep it for that but I am not sure at this point. I guess I need a day or two to think about it.
  13. It sure looks nice in your avatar! I would keep it so you have a nice family!! :smile: I have been wanting the wallet and you know what I really want the KEEPALL!! Its still available thru LV! But I just dont travel enough to warrent that purchase!!
  14. I have the same bag. I don't use it as much, but I do use it when I go out. It's a cute little bag to carry a few things around, but I don't use it as an everyday bag.
  15. OOoh! Congrats! I think it's really cute! :love: I don't have one, but I definitely want one just to throw in my bigger bags to help organize things a bit. You could always use it by itself when you need to run a quick errand and you don't want to carry more than the necessities.