Received my bronze wallet - uh oh

  1. I'm not diggin' the color. Color is definitely a subjective thing, and although I agree that it's beautiful, I don't think it's "me".:cry:

  2. it looks green. is it just the photo?
  3. Aww, I'm sorry it wasn't love at first sight for you. It's okay, you can always exchange it for something else.
  4. it looks green to me too{?}
    the leather looks delish though!
  5. I think it is just the pic, but does have a greenish hue.
  6. Is it the same leather like the vintage line?
  7. I have to agree that it looks green. Maybe it's just the flash. That leather looks buttery soft though.
  8. It does look a little green ... the wallet looks beautiful though. The leather looks like buttah. Is the bronze reissue you're getting the same color as this wallet?
  9. The leather & style look gorgeous. I think if it looks bronze IRL than it'd be lovely! I'm sorry you're not loving it though.
  10. Actually that picture was taken without flash.

    Yes, the reissue in bronze is the same color. I am expecting it tomorrow. I'll try really hard to capture the true color.
  11. i acatually like the color, it looks like a muddy bronze. The wallet is beautiful.
  12. ooh i love it, itd look great in orange. :amuse:
  13. Ohhh, I wanna touch it! That leather looks yummy.
  14. I love the leather too. I might like it better in black.
  15. Is it possible for you to post a picture of the interior??? I would love to see the inside of this wallet. I think it is a beautiful wallet.