Received my black ULTIMATE SOFT!!

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  1. Hi girls! I wanted to share some good news. :yahoo: I received my Medium Black quilted Ultimate Soft bag yesterday and it is gorgeous! The black lambskin leather is luminous and is different to the classic flap lambskin. I love the understated CC patterns on both sides of the bag, and the CC silver zip pull. It appears to be coated with something that makes it much durable than the flap lambskin. I yearn to have that one too though!

    One concern I have: (there's always a downer, no) I'm afraid the lambskin will get wrinkly over time and use because it IS a slouchy model, not like the cabas though, the bottom is a rectangular base. Do you girls know if the lambskin will wrinkle overtime?

    Pics to come! :rolleyes:
  2. Congrats on your bag! I own a similar Chanel lambskin bag--sort of the sister to the Ultimate Soft line--that I purchased last November. (See pic below.) It is extremely soft and unstructured; it collapses sort of like a Balenciaga, and it hangs like a hobo over the shoulder. It doesn't really "wrinkle," but I do think it is very important to stuff it well with tissue paper when not in use, to maintain the shape. It is also important to not rest the chain on the bag when in storage, because this could make indentations on the lambskin; I just put some tissue paper around the chain to prevent that from happening.

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  3. Ooh! Pics Please!
  4. LOVE this bag! Can't wait to see photos!!!
  5. Oh, I can't wait to see pics!
  6. Me too.:smile:
  7. I love those lambskin bags! Can't wait to see pictures!
  8. Congrats! Pics please! My large light beige US was supposed to be here today, but I will not receive it until Thurs. I will post pics also. I would like to see the size difference between the medium and the large. The black is stunning!
  9. We should issue a warning here on tPF, "To all new bag owners, post description of bag without photos at your own risk"!

    We want pics!
  10. Fabulous handbag! Love it! I totally want one :yes: ...
  11. MY MY WHAT A BEAUTIFUL, looking edible bag. It's sooooooo Soft looking and so comfortable to wear. Watch out for my drool!!!:drool:
  12. Ok ok, aren't we getting a bit anxious?? Here are some pics. I'm sorry they're a bit bad and dirty looking because I took them from a webcam and the lens is dirty (I couldn't clean it bc it was too small!). So, IGNORE ANY WEIRD DISCOLORATIONS such as bluish, reddish dots and tones (it is light reflected from my laptop screen and dirty lens). The leather is so soft and buttery, like a lambskin leather jacket that's been bit worn but not too distressed. I love the hardware details! I'll post modeling pics soon whenever I have access to a real digi cam. :yes:

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  13. Man, that is one amazing bag. Congrats to you! Interesting article on diamonds too. Good read.
  14. GORGEOUS! I love it!! I saw the non-quilted version without the comfort pad on the shoulder which was TDF as well.
  15. Congrats on the new Chanel - very pretty!!!
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