Received my Birkin .... but not sure about choice made!

  1. This may sound ridiculous to some of the long-term Birkin buyers but I received my Birkin bag yesterday and am not sure I made the right choice!

    I ordered my bag from the Paris store in January (35cm, black, clemence leather, silver hardware) sight unseen as they had none in stock. My choices were based on small leather swatches and the advice of the sales assistant.

    I received the bag yesterday by post (I live in HK) and whilst the size is perfect (I was concerned about not getting this right) unfortunately I am not so sure about the leather. The clemence appears much more textured than what I am used to in other bags, and it is not a very darky 'inky black' (which I like) - rather it almost seems to look dark grey-ish and is very matte (maybe too matt?).

    I have since discovered this Purse Forum and have read that clemence is long-wearing (a positive) but very soft and hence the bag can become slouchy (is this a positive or negative?).

    Can other readers please provide their views? I am not sure if togo would have been better (do they really look that different and behave differently?) or even swift? Or any others? (like the look of box but don't want something so 'high maintenance')

    I am not someone that will own more than one Birkin so I want to make sure that I have as classic and versatile bag as possible. If need be, I will happily return this one to the Paris store and re-order and wait for a more suitable one. Also now wondering, did I make the right choice ordering the silver, rather than gold, hardware?

    I would be very grateful for any feedback as soon as possible as I will need to return the bag soon if I am to exchange it.

    Thank you very much in advance.
  2. It sounds pretty, but if it isn't what you want, those bags are kind of too expensive to get the wrong one, you know? If you decide to keep it, remember to store it on its side--otherwise it will slouch even more. Good luck with your decision.
  3. know, by the sound of it, you would be perhaps better off with say, togo. Clemence in a 35 is slouchy, and will only get more so.

    With Hermes black, it's only really black in the 'glossier' leathers - boxcalf, chevre etc (just my opinion).

    I think the palladium hardware is fine, but you see, all these things are personal choice. If the bag didn't make your heart skip a beat when you first saw it, and it IS going to be your one and only, I say swap it.
  4. If you are not in love with it return it.
  5. ditto rose! :yes: if you are unsure in any way, return it! is there any way you can look at birkins closer to you? mayhaps you can check out the forum pics here and see if you like black with GH! i have an epsom black with GH and i love it. leathers are such a personal choice that if you don't like the slouch, the clemence may not be for you.

    it's fabulous that you got your birkin so soon! perhaps they can order you another? how easy is it to order one there? just for future reference :graucho:

    here are some other black birkins in this thread:

    good luck! hope that perfect birkin is out there for you!
  6. My advice concerning your predicament, is to perhaps do what I myself did a few weeks ago. I received a 35cm Havane Birkin in Evergrain(wrong size/wrong colour/wrong leather - many reasons, all personal). I sent it back.

    I'm very sorry to hear that your choice turned out to be something you weren't totally thrilled with. A Birkin hould give you years and years of pleasure. And said pleasure should ideally begin from the first day it is cradled in your arm. Perhaps it might be a good idea to just hold onto it for a couple of days and see if it grows on you. Though I personally favour many other leathers over Clemence, I find the graining very beautiful. In the event that the bag does not make you happy, send it back or if I might be so bold to suggest, sell the item in question and get something you truly want.
    Good luck and I hope your decision, whichever it may be, creates a better H experience.
  7. Thank you so much for all your comments so far.

    Another questions pls: which are the other 'glossier' black leathers that people would recommend (that wear quite well)?

    Pigleto972001: on your question re ordering from the main Paris boutique - very interesting experience: the first sales assistant we spoke to when we walked in told us that there is absolutely no way to order a bag, no waiting list to even put our name on. 10 minutes later - and having looked for a different sales assistant to speak with - we were in the process of placing the order and being told that we could expect the bag within 6 months (it in fact took four). My lesson was not to necessarily accept the first answer!
    Re your epsom black Birkin - what sort of leather is that? (does it at all have some gloss?)

    Thank you!
  8. HKB - if you can get it - black chevre. DIVINE!!
  9. but come to think of it, Chevre has quite a grain to it, much like the clemence, but it is glossy and "blacker" if such a word exists?

    I think you would like togo (not so glossy, though), swift (although in a 35 swift will slouch as much as the clemence), or boxcalf.

    Personally, I would go for Boxcalf. Your one and only should be in a special leather, that can be fully refurbished (well...within reason!).
  10. Oh HKB, if only you had found TPF before you placed your birkin order!
    I agree with the recommendation of chevre, though it's not being offered right now. Plus it has an obvious spine down the middle from the goat, which some people can't stand!
    Togo is also a textured leather & doesn't look THAT much different from the clemence grain IMO. You really have to get to a store to see some bags (don't have to be birkins) in the different leathers.
  11. hey HKB,

    yep, there's a wealth of info on this forum about different leathers :yes: the ladies here are super knowledgeable and i've learned lots! i guess it depends if you like slouch (which it sounds like you don't really) and also the smoothness of the leather. and also the weight...i think clemence can be weighty.

    the grained leathers are togo/clemence/epsom. epsom is rigid and embossed rather than the natural grain. it's not too popular with a lot of folks due to its rigidity...some feel it's "plasticky." in black it's quite nice with a sheen to it, but i can see the "plastic" quality in some other colors. but it is lightweight and rigid, which i like.

    the quintessential leather is box leather but i think box is hard to get in birkins nowadays unless it's a special order. it's smooth, lightweight, with a nice shine to it. and it ages quite well!

    chevre is also lightweight and rigid but like GF mentioned, it does have the goat spine down the center, which some people (inc me) don't like.

    that's awesome that you were able to order the birkin! do let us know what you decide! :flowers:
  12. HKB, you asked whether slouching over time is a positive or negative - It's neither. It just happens. Whether you like it or not is personal taste. There are always trade-offs with these things, it seems. You have to decide what's the MOST important thing:
    slouchiness/rigidity, depth of black colour (at least you know what colour you want!), etc. I think swift looks deep black, and it will also slouch a LOT in a 35 - which is no good if you want rigid. But OK if you like a more casual-looking bag. HTH
  13. HKB, there is such good advice here. You do not sound ridiculous at all. These things happen all the time. You are very wise to be thinking this through, not ridiculous. Pat yourself on the the back!!

    I hope you reach a decision that makes your heart sing. If this bag does not do it for you, please do not hesitate to send it back. SO or no, the bag has to absolutely rock your world, otherwise, what is the point???

    Send her off to someone for whom she is the dream bag of a lifetime.

    Not all blacks are the same in all leathers, and what is :heart: :heart: for one person may be :yucky: to another. The beauty of H is the many choices.

    Carrying it should make you feel wonderful, lighter, more confident, and spectacular. If it wont, send it back, another Birkin will come......and while you wait, small leather goods and perhaps a kelly pochette will make the wait all the sweeter!!!

    Best of luck to you, and welcome!!!
  14. besides color you have to think about how "firm" you like the leather. My favorite is box calf, chevre, and then togo. I actually also like epsom in black. get a store credit if you are unhappy, sooner or later the perfect bag will show up.