Received my 2nd bbag: a Sandstone City :)

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  1. After seeing Nanaz's Sandstone City, I knew I had to have one :graucho: So I called up Kim at BalNY and sent back my Truffe Twiggy and she sent be this beauty instead :yahoo:

    For anyone debating on whether to City is too big for you or not - give it a try! I was SO worried it would be, but I LOVE it :drool: Even if you hardly have anything in it it still falls so nicely :jammin: btw, I'm 5'8".

    And THANK-YOU Nanaz & Mimz for rec'ing Kim. The leather on this bag is AMAZING!

    Sorry, not the best photo's :s ...
    sand1.jpg sand2.jpg sand3.jpg sand4.jpg sand5.jpg
  2. :yahoo: YEAH!!!!!:yahoo: I'm so glad you decided on Sandstone! It's a BEAUTIFUL color and I've heard the leather is TDF! I am waiting on my Sandstone Work and I am SO excited! CONGRATS!!!!
  3. congrats!:yahoo: its fabulous!

    i considered sandstone too in MU clutch for my 1st Bbag, Bal colors def makes me dizzy :nuts:
  4. You'll LOVE it, MRG!!! :yes: The leather on my Vert is amazing - but it wasn't very smooshy until after a few wears. The leather on this Sandstone honestly felt silky & smooshy right away :jammin:

    Thanks bagdizzy!!! The colors are def. tempting :s
  5. Gorgeous! I'm still considering this color for myself. I love it with the RH!
  6. OMG verty that sandstone is GORGEOUS!! :heart: :heart: :heart: Congrats!!! Enjoy and thanks for the modelling pics - it's really helpful (and FUN) to see it on! Sandstone is on my list for sure now....:yahoo:
  7. It looks great on you, congrats! And I love your hair.
  8. :drool:
    What a great choice you made on your exhange! I have only seen seen Sandstone in a tassel sent to me by a customer, but I fell in love with it the moment I saw it! Such a gorgeous color!!! And perfect in the City style with regular hardware! Congratulations!!!!
  9. you welcome verty:smile:

    it is very yummy indeed....:drool:
  10. Verty you look so good with it and it is truly a tdf bag. Yay Sandstone! The color suits you well and it looks so sophisticated.
  11. Very beautiful bag!
  12. GORGEOUS! Yet another victory for sandstone! :yahoo:
  13. Gorgeous!!! That bag looks fantastic on you! :yahoo:
  14. Verty! I love it! You and Nanaz are torturing me! The leather is amazing. You look fantastic w/ the city size! Love it!
  15. Yayyy Verty, i am so happy that i was able to help you out with your gorgeous bag.:yahoo: It is yummy. :drool: I love mine and i get a lot of compliments on her and i am sure you will too. ;) Enjoy and Congrats.:party: