Received Item I Didn't Win

  1. When I got home from work yesterday there was a huge box waiting for me on my back porch. I thought this was very strange because I wasn't expecting anything. It looked like something that came from an eBay seller because of how it was boxed and labeled. I didn't recognize the sender's name but it was addressed to me at my home address. So, I opened it and found a brand new Longaberger wrought iron shelf/rack - quite pretty, actually. I didn't order this or bid on anything like this so I was (and still am) totally confused. I searched completed eBay listings to see if someone recently sold one and I checked my eBay accounts to make sure my account wasn't hijacked. It still made no sense.

    I did a reverse address search online and found a phone number for the package sender. I called and ended up speaking with the sender's husband last night. I told him who I was and why I was calling. He confirmed that his wife does sell Longaberger items on eBay. I left my name and number and asked that she call me back.

    I still haven't heard anything from the sender. I just don't get it!! This item is worth around $150 brand new and I can't believe that she hasn't called me. I can't for the life of me figure out where she got my name and address. I cross referenced my selling and buying history to see if she got something mixed up and I have never had any transactions with this person. My other thought was that it was a gift purchased by someone else and sent to me but the only person who would do that would be my mom and she knows nothing about it, either.

    Isn't this WEIRD?!?
  2. That is bizarre. Let us know when you hear from her.
  3. Maybe someone else ordered this for you? Hopefully the seller calls you back, it is odd that it goes to you at your address, someone obviously paid for it, did you check your paypal as well?
  4. Strange....keep us informed.
  5. Wish someone would accidently send me a Porsche :hysteric:
  6. I would also check your credit report...make sure that someone isn't charging things on your credit cards...

  7. LOL! Same here!

    But I would just stay vigilant re: your bank accounts and credit cards and try to keep contacting this seller. Keep us updated, because this is very strange indeed!
  8. Props to you for being so honest! I am a consultant for Longaberger (I just sell it for the discount I get, I am my own best buyer!). I bet it cost her a fortune to ship, since WI is heavy. And she has some buyer stressing she hasnt received her item yet. I hope she calls you soon.

    You deserve a hug!
  9. Oh My Gosh!!!

    This is awesome! Turns out that the person who sent this to me is a fellow tPFer! I had sent her a coupon recently and she accidentally got my envelope switched around and mistook it for the envelope that contained her buyer's payment. We just talked on the phone and we were trying to figure out the connection because she had my envelope but not the contents. I couldn't even remember sending her anything. I asked her if she ever sells purses on eBay and when she said that she did I asked her if she was on tPF and she said yes. It clicked INSTANTLY! LOL! What a riot!

    Mystery solved! :nuts:
  10. Glad that you got your mystery solved! :yahoo:
  11. LOL! what a mixup! :smile:
  12. LOL, glad you got to the bottom of that one-now what?
    This is going to expensive to ship back!
  13. ^She PPed me money for postage I'm shipping directly to her buyer. :yes:

    I am still laughing about this! :p
  14. :flowers: You must be so nice woman, people I know here def. will collect the item for theirself :push:
  15. Mokoni,

    You deserve an award of some sort for honesty. Its so refreshing to hear good news for a change! You're sweet! :p