Received Fake MiuMiu, Need Help on PayPal Dispute/Claim

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  1. I'm quite skeptical about using MP due to their reportedly poor sevice, so I went to Carol instead. I'll get the letter of non-authentication from her in 7 days. Costs $30.

    Does anyone know whether I can charge this $30 back to the seller if I win the PP case? It just seems a little unfair that I have to pay for this proof, when it should have been the seller's responsibility to ensure its authentic in the first place...And there's still the $35 for return shipping. Sigh.
  2. Yeah, it would be nice to be able to charge this back to the seller but I don't

    think you can. You can check with paypal and see what they think. I also would tell

    this seller that since this is not authentic, she should reimburse you for the shipping

    back to her. I would insure and get delivery confirmation.
  3. kiki119, she disappeared when I filed my dispute with PP. But when I escalated it to a claim, that witch was quick to contact PP to contest it. That was when PP asked for 3rd party documentation.

    Euuuwww, the PVC smell has invaded my bag room and is so nauseating! :throwup: I think maybe these Chinese factories apply some sort of chemical on their fakes, to make them smell like calf skin. I have attached some pictures of it. It is really pathetic and sad, they wanted to make it look like raw leather, so they attached these tufted fibres to the underside of the PVC :yucky:

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  4. I did ask PP about this and they said I can try to charge the $30 non-authentication fee back to the seller if it is a fake (which it SO is)! I will ask them tomorrow about the return shipping, yeah, she should pay since she's one who conned me!
  5. u should post those pictures on your dispute.... that is HORRIBLE!!!!

  6. Pay Pal did very good for me when I did business with a dishonest seller, I placed the claim and PP withdrew the money from the sellers account and returned my money. So, you are on a good track.
  7. Its quite heartening to hear that. I've heard a lot of not-so-nice things about PP. Did the seller reimburse you the shipping fee too?
  8. Apparently, some people have an upload button on the resolution centre and some don't. I'm one of the latter. Hmmm, double standards?

    PP asked me to fax my pictures instead...a little pointless cos it will be a challenge to make out the details in a faxed picture.