Received Fake MiuMiu, Need Help on PayPal Dispute/Claim

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  1. I was so excited when I won my first slouchy Miu Miu bag on *bay for what I thought was a good deal, but my joy was killed when I received the bag. I was suspicious when I received the package because there was this awful plastic-y smell permeating out of the bubble envelope (the bag was not even boxed, it was folded and stuck in the envelope). I knew for certain that the bag is fake the second I touched it. It feels nothing like the soft MM leather, its just all disgusting smelly PVC.

    I took it to the MM forum and the lovely expert there confirmed that it is a fake.

    I wrote to the seller asking for a refund since she guarantees the authenticity, and she replied:
    [FONT=&quot]this bag smells heavily of leather it is so obvious. if you are so sure of your facts you will have to go through ebay which will involve written authentication from a well known source. be my guest...[/FONT]

    Luckily, I paid by PP using my CC. I opened a dispute and filed a SNAD. No reply from the seller so far. I have read some members recommending that a dispute be escalated into a claim immediately so that PP can prevent the seller from withdrawing the money. Should I give this seller a grace period of maybe 24 hours to reply or should I escalate now?

    Would it be better to go through with PP or should I just do a chargeback on my CC? I'm really very disappointed and upset.
  2. I would escalate now through PP. You will still have the option of going through your CC later if PP does not cooperate.
  3. I would give the seller a day or so to answer you.. if not I would contact my cc and explain what your issue is and I would escalate to a claim..

    The bag is a FAKE as she is and the nerve to ship something that smells and "be my guest" to authenticate the bag.. that is beyond.. shame on her
  4. IMO, the seller has already stated that for a return she requires a letter of non-auth, so I would likely escalate to a claim and save every one further delay.
    Make sure you have stated all that you wish to say in your dispute b4 you escalate.
    If you return the bag. insure and get tracking and signature confirmation for proof of return.
  5. Make sure you state in your dispute that it is PVC and not leather as described.

    That right there will likely win you a SNAD without the letter of inauthenticity.
  6. I hope everything works out and you get your money back.
  7. Escalate!
  8. i always say to escalate swiftly in this sort of situation, you don't want her to clear out her paypal account and then end up with a refund of $2 because thats all paypal could recover.
    who are you going to for the letter of non-authenticity ? i believe caroldiva is great to work with.
  9. I have escalated this to a claim as per ladyisobel's advise, I'm too afraid that she might clean out her PP account.

    Does anyone know a professional authenticator for Miu Miu bags? I have read a lot of bad rep about mypoupette on this forum so I'm not using them. I have written to Carol to check whether she authenticates MM...
  10. hotshot, the part where she said "be my guest," that really irked me. It was so cocky. She said the bag was bought by her sister in London, I asked whether it was purchased at the boutique/authorised distributor or from a makeshift table at a street corner! It seems that she knew that she's selling a fake and she is anticipating a claim from me. I wonder what she has up her sleeve?

    I saw that she also sold an LV Spontini a couple of days after she sold my bag, and she provided a lot of pictures of the Spontini. For my MM listing, she only showed 4 miserable blurry pictures. I'm sure she knew!

    I have had the bad luck of buying 3 fake Guccis before this MM, and in all 3 instances, the sellers were very apologetic and refunded my monies (including return shipping) even before I shipped the bags back to them!
  11. eva, glad you escalated, if i were you i'd get everything checked out on the "authenticate this" threads before you buy from now on , don't get burned again :wondering
  12. ^ I always go to Authenticate This, but I stupidly got caught up with the moment because I saw the bag literally a few minutes before the auction ended. I quickly checked the seller's ratings and she's got I guess I was lulled into a false sense of security. Whatever happened to morality!

    PayPal has already reverted, they're asking me to submit a "3rd party documentation to validate" my claim. Do you know anyone else, besides caroldiva, who can authenticate?
  13. Contact MyPoupette! They're highly recommended.
  14. i don't think so , not anymore, there's been several threads regarding their poor service.
  15. OP - do u have any update?! has seller responded?