Received FAKE Burberry trench!

  1. Hello, I'm new here and was hoping for some advice on what to do about a recent purchase I made. Here is the situation:

    Awhile ago I saw a Burberry trench auction for $299. I emailed the seller (who had very good feedback rating with several authentic items sold) about authenticity and she responded that she had purchased the coat at the Boston store and that it had never been worn. I took a chance, based on her feedback history, and asked her if she would be willing to discount the item and sell it to me for $250. She agreed, I bid on the item, the auction closed, and then she sent me a paypal payment link for the amount we agreed on, which I used to pay.

    When I received the package a week later, I was appalled to find that it was a terrible fake - wrong fabric, sized "L" (instead of 4 as listed on her auction)...everything about it screamed fraud. So I emailed the seller very respectfully, asking for a refund, to which she responded that it was authentic, purchased in Boston. Since I already own an authentic (purchased at full retail) Burberry trench, I knew there was no way that this was a real one, so I emailed her back, pointing out the inconsistencies. She did not respond. After several more emails asking her to resolve the situation, it became apparent from her lack of response that she knew she had sold me a fake coat and was not willing to do anything about it. I was furious! Especially when I found out that I couldn't even leave her appropriate feedback - her account had conveniently become suspended as soon as my auction had ended!

    I contacted Paypal, since I believed that I was covered under their safe buying policy, but after explaining the situation to them and emailing a few times with their customer service, I was told that I was NOT covered, simply because I had not paid through the ORIGINAL Paypal payment link generated after the auction. Instead, I had paid through another Paypal invoice she had sent me (to reflect the discount I asked for!). Paypal will not budge on this and they have canceled my case.

    Needless to say, I am extremely frustrated by this situation, as I feel like there is no one to willing to help me. I am now stuck with a $250 FAKE Burberry trench that I do not want and don't know what to do with! I obviously can't resell it, and I can't exactly gift it, so what should I do? Donate to charity and hope Karma takes care of the rest?

    Suggestions please!

    P.S. Thank you in advance...I have learned so much already browsing these forums! TPF is fantastic - I can't believe I just discovered it!! :tup:
  2. Hi Mineko,

    sorry to hear you received an ugly fake!

    Did you pay by credit card through paypal? If so go straight to your credit card company and do a chargeback with them. I am sure some of the gals here will be able to tell you if you need to close your paypal account once you do a chargeback.

    Good luck!
  3. maybe try credit card chargeback first or try eBay claim..and you can get max $175
  4. rubylola - Thank you for the suggestion! I immediately went on my AMEX account and put in a dispute. *fingers crossed*

  5. thanks tomodachi! i contacted AMEX and will try eBay if all else fails...
  6. I think you should just burn the coat and be thankful you were not taken for more money. Others have lost thousands on deals gone sour.
  7. i cant believe paypal disregarded your dispute!! Unbelieveable!!

    Fauve- although it was only $250 i guess it was the principal, if it was me, i would fight this seller too!

    I hope Amex will get you your money back. Good luck!!
  8. I hope AMEX get's your money back. I can't believe this Seller.
  9. Amex is awesome when it comes to these types of things. I've ALWAYS gotten all my money back, including shipping, when I filed a dispute. Make sure you hold on to the coat as evidence in case Amex or PP asks for it. Don't burn it just yet!
  10. thank you all for your support and suggestions! you have all been so helpful!! i will definitely keep you all updated on the status of my dispute via AMEX.
  11. And just let the seller away with it, without penalty, to do the same thing to their next customer? That makes no sense to me.
  12. hi ladies, i just wanted to let you all know that AMEX got me my money back!!!! :yahoo:

    interesting note - the foul seller (who had previously ignored all of my polite emails) actually had the nerve to email me, asking for the coat back since i got my refund!!! there is no way i will return a fake coat back to her - she'll just turn around and try to resell it again as authentic! i simply ignored her and i will probably donate the coat to a homeless shelter or goodwill.

    anyway, thanks again for all of your help!!
  13. so sorry to hear about your bad ebay experience and glad that everything worked out in the end :smile:

  14. Smart of you not to send the coat back as the seller would probably

    relist it and sell to an unsuspecting buyer. Very nice gesture to dontate to

    a homeless shelter or to a coat drive.