Received "dream" b-bag; not thrilled. Please help!

  1. As many of you know, I have been dying for a 05 Bordeaux City. I had and sold a Bordeaux Twiggy; the color was to die for (I just needed a break from the Twiggy shape).

    Well I found a bordeaux city on eBay. My heart sank when I opened the box. The color is just so different (at least from what I remember) of my old Bordeaux Twiggy. It just looks so brown to me.....:confused1:

    Now I have to make the difficult decision to make; I can only keep one "red" b-bag. Either the bordeaux or my 05 rouge theatre. Will the bordeaux eventually turn to the color I thought I loved or should I keep my trusty rouge? I included color comparisons pics; I especially want to hear from Bordeaux owners. Does the color look off to you?

    TIA!! :smile:
    compare bal1.JPG compare bal.JPG
  2. Becca, I would say keep the one you love. The color of the city probably won't change, even though it may grow on you. If you can afford to keep both for a little while, see if it does, or sell it and continue to look... Balenciaga leathers vary quite a bit, but it's strange that the color would be so off... any chance it's Grenat that you got, and not Bordeaux?
  3. Wow, that looks like grenat, not's really pretty but I can understand why you are disappointed if you were expecting bordeaux. On my screen, it almost looks like marron.
  4. Hi becca!

    mm... my thoughts are if you don't initially feel the love for this bag and you did feel the love for the 05 rouge theatre then it'd be best to let this bordeaux go.

    I don't think the bag will change colour as you keep it, but I do think there's a possibility that you may grow to love it.

    Both bags look pretty in the picture to me! Perhaps the bordeaux looks extra brown because it looks so '"unred" beside the rouge theatre?? I dunno...

    Good luck with this though!!
  5. I don't have a bordeaux so I can't comment on this particular one. However, I do have a rouge theatre. It's my favorite Balenciaga red, so it gets my vote.
  6. that rouge is gorgeous!
  7. sell the rouge
  8. I would kill to get a rouge theatre. Ok. Not kill. But that color is gorgeous. I am not comfortable buying on eBay at this point so I have to settle for what's out now. I wouldn't let that baby go. And since you don't love the new one, I would let that one go.

  9. I actually thought the same thing! However the card that came with it says 05. I also agree with Lori; the color does look like marron. Eeks, what's a girl to do??
  10. I have a bordeaux mentioned above, it's hard to judge from the pics you have. You should take a closer up pic of the Bordeaux by itself and not next to the other bag. Since the rouge is SO red it definitely drowns out and red tones the bordeaux has. It does seem a little more "brown " than mine, but again, it just may be the pic. B bags are so hard to photograph.:shame:

    Bottom line is though, you should never keep a bag you are not 100% happy with. They are too much $$$ to not love them, kwim ??:s
  11. hmmmmmmmmmm, i do think it's bordeaux & not grenat (only because i have both & bordeaux does have some brown in it) :shrugs:...but if you don't love it, i would let her go Becca-girl...if you don't love the color now, it's unlikely that you ever will...and for that much $$$, you want to feel "love", not "like"...i'm sorry it's not what you were hoping for, but i'm sure you'd be able to sell her in a flash!!! :girlsigh:
  12. Does the letter on the silver plate match the bag to 2005 or 2006?
  13. they're both great bags - but the one with more brown is definitely a "fall" season only bag - the other one you can enjoy all year.:smile:
  14. I have a bordeaux and this one looks a little darker than mine. I hope this picture wasn't taken with a flash. If you don't love her, let her go and find another one that is more to your liking. I'm sorry that it didn't work out.
  15. ^^^ITA with Slinks -- check the tag to see if the letter designation is for 05 or 06...that will tell you if it's grenat or bordeaux.