Received Coach Planner from Ebay - smells like a fake!

  1. Hi everyone,

    I received my Coach Black leather Planner from eBay today and I think it may be a fake! This is last season's style (or a couple of season's)- plain Black leather with the button closure, size 4x7. I am not an 'expert' on fakes but I have had the opportunity to examine many fakes when I was in Hong Kong (where they carry 'excellent' quality fakes) so I *think* I have a good sense of what a fake looks/feel/smell like upon inspection. Not sure if anyone knows what I mean, but the fakes actually have a distinct smell and feel; the leather is not supple soft and the smell almost smells like vinyl (?). I have a Coach black leather wristlet and a black leather briefcase and both items do NOT have this strange vinyl smell. Anyhow, my feeling of this Planner is fake…. but truthfully, I am not completely sure and I don’t have any concrete proof to support it. If it’s a fake, it seems to be one of those A+++ fakes.

    The Planner came with an Outlet Gift receipt and the serial tag. This seller is a Power Seller located in the U.S. and has sold many Coach Planners (and other items) and has a 99.9% positive feedback. The quality of the receipt and serial tag seems to be fine as I have other authentic Coach Outlet receipts to compare it with. Everything else seems fine too including the stitching. It is only the feel and smell of the leather that makes it peculiar.

    My question is: What can I do about it? Am I too paranoid? Should I bring it to a Coach store to have them authenticate it for me? I’m not even confident that the Coach SAs are knowledgeable enough to authenticate it.

    This is my 1st purchase on eBay and it is disappointing that I end up questioning the item. I’ve been searching for a plain black Coach Planner and eBay was my only hope since the closest outlet to me doesn’t have this style anymore. =(

    ANYWAY - Does anyone have this same Black leather Planner with the button closure? Can you describe what certain small features should look like? Does yours have a vinyl-like smell?

    -The button hardware on mine has Coach inscripted on it 2 times
    - black button closure with ‘Coach est 1941’ written 2 times.
    -Says ‘Made in China’ on the interior
    -Has the Coach logo on the back cover.

    Thanks for listening and for any advice!
  2. Sounds like the details are just like my planner, but it is hard to tell without pics. Can you post some?
  3. I would post some pics and we can probably help you more. :yes:
  4. I don't want to offend anyone by this comment but I have seen some items that are factory store specific and the leather just doesn't feel the same as the other leather. I don't know what it is that is different or why but I have handled stuff from the outlet that I would have sworn was fake. Just a thought but as I said, I'm not trying to offend anyone by that comment!
  5. I'll try to put up some pics.... but I don't think the pics would help much since the overall appearance of the Planner is fine except for the 'smell and feel' of the leather. Even the pics the Seller had posted looked good which was what made me purchase it. Can I put a link to the Seller's pics here? (but then the Seller's name is disclosed - not sure if this is ok?)
  6. We post ebay auctions all the time asking about authenticity so I don't see why it would be a problem, but I am not a Mod so I dunno. :shrugs:

    It could be a factory exclusive item?
  7. post a link to the auction. :yes:
  8. loungegirl
    My first eBay wallet purchase was a fake, :throwup: it smelled funny, not like the usual yummy Coach leather smell. Then the leather was stiff and the stitching was just not as perfect.
    (It actually sounds like the planner you are describing) Thank goodness, I was able to prove it was a fake and I returned it to the seller for a full refund. I had a real wallet at home to compare it to, however when I took it to the Coach boutique even they said I had an excellent fake and at first they thought it was real!
    Go with your instincts on this. What does the sellers return policy say? I would take it and have the SA's look it over, they know what their products look like and they would know a fake, even a very good fake.
    Good luck, I sure hope it's real.
  9. It could just be one from the Coach Outlet. Im an SA and work at a Factory store and the 4x7 that we carry has a small button closure, nice sleek black leather and if the leather is stiff, then it just needs to be worn in and softened. If it looks like the one below, it is completely authentic. Now as far as factory bags having different leather, a lot of the bags that full price bags have is the same leather. It just depends whether it is natural, vachetta, buck, hamptons...etc. We do have about 50 different leathers we use on our products. If it is buck leather, you just have to wait for it to soften, or you can use our Leather Moisturizer on it to soften it up. Hope this helps!
  10. The auction ended so the link is removed. The seller's name is 2Kboutique, you can find the same pic on the 3rd pg of her feedback (look for 4x7 Black Planner). But yes, it looks pretty much the same as the link Ceriseslover posted. Again, judging by pics alone, the Planner does look fine, the stitching looks fine, my doubts are due to the vinyl-like smell of the leather and the feel of it so pics won't be of much help anyway. I will take it to a Coach store to see what they say.

    The Return Policy does say 100% authentic or Money Back. But guess I'll need validation if I believe it's not authentic. ugh... that's why I never like shopping on ebay!

    Thanks everyone! I'll keep you posted if I find out anything else.
  11. It sounds real. My boyfriend's mom has the black one and I have the same one but pink with purple trim.

    I wouldn't be too worried, planners aren't faked that often...are they?
  12. If the auction has ended, you can still post the link. It's just in completed items. An auction link is only removed if Ebay ends/removes the auction. So, was it removed by Ebay? I'm confused...
    Did you pay via Paypal?

    I found 2 auctions on the 3rd page of the seller's feedback. Her Coach auctions are all authentic.

    This is probably your auction since you said that this is your 1st Ebay purchase:

    Hope this helps.

  13. I think it's authentic, the seller has great feedback and lots of authentic auctions up.
  14. Like I mentioned in my post, the leathers that Coach uses are all different. The vinyl like smell is MOST LIKELY from the packaging. It is 10000000% Authentic and I know this because I am a Sales Associate.