Received brand new & rare bag with cat hair all over, Im breaking out in!

  1. Argh! My eyes itch, my throat hurts, im getting bumps all over my skin. By the way, Im allergic to cats. Im going to toss the dustbag because I know thats where most of the hair is, but my question to you guys is this: Is there anything that can be done about the bag itself? If I wipe the inside and out with a wetone baby wipe, will I be okay? Or will there always be traces of cat hair and should I return the bag (which is very very hard to find) ?

    Any thoughts are much appreciated! I am going to bed, I feel so awful! :crybaby:

  2. awww I'm so sorry about that. I have two cats and am also allergic (i looove them) about twice a year I get really bad, hives, wheezing etc. I feel your pain!

    can you use a sticky lint roller on the inside (like pull the lining out)? I'm a big fan of the 3M lint roller :smile:
  3. Ewww.....I'm really allergic to cats, too. I'll get the wheezing, hives, throat closing off. I usually have to use my epi pen. I would return it! I don't think you'll ever get rid of it 100% and that's just gross.
  4. Eeeee. I was mildly allergic to cats, but I eventually got used to my own and now I'm no longer allergic. Maybe try lint-rolling and vacuuming the inside? Depends on how much you like the could try building up a resistance to the cat hairs? Or try sending it in to Luvin' My Bags and see if they can work their magic.

    Sorry, sounds like a icky dilemna, though. Seems like just when you find a great bag, there just HAS to be something wrong with it!
  5. hmm...depending on where you bought the bag, if you explain your situation to them I think they ought to help you find another one.

    I would probably return it though, I'm also allergic to cats and I can't imagine what kind of environment the bag must have been in, before it got to you, that cat hairs are all over it. If people are considering returning an item they should care for it better! common courtesy!

    Feel better!
  6. Yuck. I have 2 dogs and cannot stand the hair on my stuff! I don't think I could handle it! Anyway, the lint roller is a great idea!
  7. I think if you wipe it down really well, maybe with something containing alcohol you'll be fine. It's usually the cat's saliva that causes the allergies (and that gets onto the hair when they clean themselves), so once it's sterile you should be ok.

    Have you said anything to the person you purchased it from? I would be very upset if I received this expecting it to be in good condition.
  8. Yikes, GUNG! I'm allergic to cats too, so I know your pain. Make sure to take some antihistamines! (Claritin or Benadryl should do the trick)... :yes:
    But if I were you, I would most definitely return it, no matter how rare your find... Itchy eyes, a scratchy throat, and hives can't look good with a fabulous bag. Sucks that your seller didn't take better care of the bag--especially a brand new, rare one. :tdown:
  9. If you really want to keep the bag I would ask a friend to go over it really well with baby wipes and vacuum out the interior. Make that vacuum out the interior several times. And the exterior. Air it out outside too.
  10. Wash the dustbag. Have a friend wipe down the bag. Hopefully that should take care of the problem, but you might have to vacuum your house as well since stray hairs may have floated off into your place. Cat hairs are like that, they get on everything. This sounds like the seller let the cat lay on the bag and crawl into it.
  11. I always put in my eBay auctions Comes from a pet free, smoke free home.
    Ask questions before you buy. I am so allergic to smoke, cats, and dogs...
    I once got a bag from a smoker- it was horrendous- feebrezze did nada, left it out on my terrace for 1 week to air out.
  12. What type of material is the bag? If it's leather I wouldn't recommend putting alcohol on it (fabric either). I would contact the seller and see what their response is. In the meantime, see if a friend / family member will vacuum out the bag and wipe it down with a product that won't harm the material. You never know, maybe after a good cleaning your allergies may subside.
  13. maybe u should bring the bag & the dust to a bag cleaner so they can really clean them for you
  14. Try wiping down the outside with a baby wipe and vacuuming the inside.

    You should be able to wash the dustbag.

    Good luck! Hope it works out!
  15. How much do you love the bag? If it's TDF, then take or call a cleaner and ask what they can do for you. Also, don't toss the dust bag but wash the it in hot water.
    And, like someone else said, get some antihistamines! No bag will look good with splotchy skin and puffy eyes. :sad: