Received bag patent bag FOLDED by eBay do I approach this?

  1. Maybe you can ask a refund for the shipping?
  2. I am so happy that you like your bag now! That is good news. Patent is a tricky thing and it is good that your husbands idea worked.

    In regards to the feedback, I understand you feeling anxious about what to do. A few days back you were pretty angry about it all when you hit the eBay wall that prevented feedback being left. eBay have probably made an economic decision to put this barrier in because of cost of the fallout from heat of the moment feedback.

    Whenever I am cross about something, I try to remember the statement: "revenge is a dish that is best served cold". Sometimes when I pull something out of a box from a seller, I think it sucks, then I give it some time before leaving feedback. Usually during that time, I discover that I like it and there were things about it that I had not considered.

    A ding and how it is written says a lot about both the dinger and the person who receives it. If you are now more happy, you could leave no feedback, or a positive and say that you do wish it had not been sent folded. That would leave a message that other people can see. Dinging the stars is something that some people like to do (personally I am not a dinger), but leaving neutral polite words about something is possibly more effective, if you want to warn others. Eg Love the patent leather bag but I wish they hadn't folded it for posting.

    You look better that way and the message gets through.

    Cute color of bag by the way!
  3. ^ this. I'm glad it worked out. Obviously the seller was a bit careless but it worked out in the end. I would probably mention the wrinkles in the comments though