Received bag patent bag FOLDED by eBay do I approach this?

  1. I really hope your bag is able to recover. I can't for the life of me figure out why some sellers squash things into thin plastic bags to save a few dimes on postage, especially when you pay for quality postage in a well fitting box. I would never ship anything out that way, and I am constantly appalled when I receive things that way or hear of those getting them that way, such as you. You chose the seller based on feedback of careful packing, only to receive your lovely bag stuffed into a too small box. I would be disappointed, ticked, and very unhappy.
  2. I had a bag shipped to me folded. It wasn't even inside the dust bag- she just folded the bag and put it in a box, with the dust bag inside it. It was different from your situation in that the bag was not ruined, and the shipping was free. I left her positive feedback bc I was a return customer and the bag was fine, but I sent her a message about it. I said that I would have gladly paid for shipping if I knew that's how it would be mailed. She ended up offering me a $30 discount on my next purchase.

    If what happened to you had happened to me, I would have been absolutely livid. That is a ridiculously high price for shipping to begin with. I sell a few things on eBay and I would NEVER ship anything like that. I'd rather pay part of the shipping out of pocket than fold a patent leather bag.

    Personally I would return it and give neutral feedback. "item ruined by packing method, received full refund". If you're going to send it back you should clarify that she's going to refund you the shipping also since it was her fault.
  3. I have the Sophia version of this bag and although I have kept it stuffed when I am not using it, I notice that it is starting to wrinkle like yours, which is very upsetting. I think the seller might have been saying that the bag was already wrinkled when she sent it and if that is the case, then it should have been mentioned in the listing. I wonder if the bag was exposed to hot temperatures during the transportation and that might have made the problem worse.

    I hope you get the wrinkles out. I am worried about mine now. It is such a gorgeous color.
  4. OMG who does that??!

    Anyways, I would give her a neutral and mention the poor packaging and that you are very dissapointed but that you love the bag so much that you didn't wanna return it.
  5. I owned this bag before and I bought the black patent Monday. The wrinkles are directly related to how she put it in the box, the placement of the wrinkles and creases are where the bag was folded and smooshed. This was still brand new and in the plastic bag packaging

    I actually took a picture of my black one next to the box, the width of the box is about half of the width of the bag, if that.
  6. Funny, not funny, but odd, that you posted this. I just bought a black croc Maggie, used but EUC off eBay, arrived today. I couldn't believe it when the box came. The bag was folded in four. Like you would fold a shirt-- sleeves and bottom in. I should have taken a picture before removing. But I was just in a hurry to get it outta there.
    I had the unreasonable belief that the sooner I took it out the better and seconds counted. Dumb, I know.

    Anyway, I think it is alright, I'm checking it carefully. I think since it was croc it could withstand being folded, spindled and mutilated. But really, she paid $13 something to ship in a small brown cardboard box, priority. The large flat rate box would have accommodated it better and not been anymore, or maybe pennies difference.

    I may write to mention it.

    ETA: BTW, there was no tissue in it and no dustbag, some colored tissue paper( one sheet was used to wrap it.)
  7. How's the bag looking now? If there is some warm weather and you stuff it carefully, the creases may disappear.

    Re the comment on dust bags, I am very cautious personally with patent and dust bags - one of my Cartiers (patent) has the imprint of the dust bag texture on the back side of the bag - a bit too much heat and it lying on its side when stored by a previous owner.
  8. I too received a patent bag folded into a smaller box one time which caused wrinkles that were permanent. :shucks: I would never fold any kind of bag to ship.

    The thing about leaving no feedback is that it doesn't warn other buyers about this problem, wouldn't you have liked to have known before hand that the possibility is there that the seller could fold when they ship? I'd guess that most buyers would. At least then if a buyer is still interested they can contact them ahead of time and make sure it will packaged correctly. To me this is the whole point of feedback.
  9. I tend to agree, if it is an experienced seller, then other buyers may benefit from something being said in the feedback. I might not if it was a new seller and you thought they would not do it again.
    Do what you feel is best.
  10. OP really should leave feedback with regard to how this was packaged...

    just carelessness .. other potential buyers need to be warned...if I saw

    this on someone's feedback I would be sure to make sure that my item is

    packed in the proper size box with tissue paper & if was a few more dollars

    for the right size box, would be happy to pay the amount that is needed..
  11. I will 100% be leaving proper feedback for her, I'm just trying to find out how to word it. I also do want to let her know that I will not be returning it, and that I hope she never does something this careless again..but I don't know if that's right. I don't feel like it's right to just not reply to her message though.

    And I already paid $50 for proper Express shipping, I would've happily paid more if it meant a properly packaged item. I didn't think I'd have to worry though since her feedback has numerous people raving about the seller's shipping. It really ticks me off, I went with the high and glowing feedback, five star, better shipping method, experience buyer and I still got burned. I wonder if this happens often but people are just scared to leave appropriate feedback.
  12. I would just leave feedback that indicates the item was not packaged

    properly.. bag came creased.. and would ding her on the shipping fees

    there would be no reason for you to be concerned when previous buyers

    raved about her shipping... and unfortunately carelessness does occur

    with shipping... does the bag look better today??
  13. OK, must profess ignorance... what is HG? :shame:

    I am so sorry your beautiful Maggie is wrinkled! What a shame! Is that the plum color?

    I received a patent bag one time that was completely ruined because the seller folded it into a mailer envelope, and the entire surface looked crushed by the time I got it. It was awful. I've experienced the same thing with plain leather, too! When that happened to me, if the bag was not in remotely acceptable condition, I sent it back (disputed if I had to) and got eBay to issue a return shipping label for me. In cases where it was fixable or tolerable, I noted it in the seller's feedback (positive or neutral, depending on how they handled my complaint.)

    I don't know if it would help you in the future, but after several horridly upsetting incidents, I started sending a note to the seller with my payment to PLEASE ship in a box that fit the purse, not folded or in an envelope, because I'd had several bags ruined in shipment. So far only one seller has ignored that request. That bag arrived ruined and she was a jerk... she earned her negative for that one. :sad:
  14. Not really, the bag looks like it's been used daily for like a year. It's the worst on the right side of the bag when looking from the front which luckily is what you don't really see because of where it hangs on my shoulder.

    Also, I went to leave feedback and when I clicked "neutral" I got this.
    Uhh, I have contacted the seller thank you very much. That actually quite bothers me.
  15. For every person here who says that they would gladly pay more for shipping there are probably hundreds out in the 'real' world who would be only too glad to ding a seller's stars for that 'high' shipping. My shipping cost star is the lowest of them all and I don't even charge actual shipping. :nogood: