Received another pce card in the mail today

  1. How crazy is that? :lol: i received another PCE card in the mail today, valid from Nov 7th - Nov 30th which have longer period compared to the last not even used my last recent one n i already got another new one in the mail...4/5 times of PCE in row after one another..Coach oh Coach, what is actually going on??? :lol:
  2. What?! That is nuts! Yeah the one I have is good through the 4th I think...and I still haven't used it. Craziness!
  3. Is it 100 off $300?
  4. It's obvious that the economy is hurting Coach. That is why these PCE cards are coming out fast and furious.
  5. ...and maybe if they (oh the horror!)...LOWER their prices they might just draw more ppl into the store and BUY!:biggrin:
  6. If this repeated PCE campaign is not working for them...I wonder what will be coming...
  7. DEar heavens- I can't take the strain! I hope they don't send one to me, I'm awful at resisting these coupons. I've already used the last three.... clearly this marketing campaign is targeted at people like me. :biggrin:
  8. I wish I could get one in the mail. I have never received one and have bought plenty of Coach! Any ideas on how to get on this list?
  9. Tell your SA the next time you are in to make a purchase to apply the PCE! They can do magic at the till!
  10. I got another one in the mail also. I read in the WSJ Coach is doing well even in this economy. I wonder how much the markup is on their products. Their CEO rates 7th in top 10 list of compensation.

  11. Hi PCL...yes it's the $100 off $300 one :smile:
  12. I read Coach is doing well too. Not as well in the last few years but they are doing just fine and it's mostly due to the Outlets, those are the money makers more so than the Full Price stores. Even if a FP bag / item goes to the Outlet, Coach is still making a huge profit off of that bag/ item and every time I'm at the Outlet, the Coach store is packed and lots of people are buying, not browsing.

    My guess is that they want the numbers for the Holiday's to be good and thus they are doing more PCE's. Along with testing the waters to see which PCE does the best and in what area's it does the best in the Country.
  13. I got an email saying the PCE ends Sunday and a link to the coupon, but it has the same code I already received. I did use my snail mail PCE in the store and thought it could only be used once (regardless of being online or in the store). This is the first time I have received an email implying I can use the code again. Maybe the SA in the store applied $100 off but it wasn't my code....weird. Last time I was in they said they'd do 25% if I bought the dowel flap I was eyeing...but I was trying to be good so I passed. I sometimes feel like I'm buying a car "What can we do to get you into this Coach purse today!" I feel like a fish in a barrel sometimes....I am weak! :lol:
  14. I just gave all my info at the registers. Yeah, I get their E-mails, but the promotional flyers to come by occasionally. I got that five day E-mail PCE they did a month or so ago. They need to have a way to contact you if you want to get their coupons.
  15. I know it's nuts. I have received 6 PCE cards in the last couple months. Used a couple of them, but I'm just so annoyed they stopped the 25% off. I'd rather get 25% off 4x a year than $100 25x year. :lol:

    I guess if I liked the less expensive items, it would be better, but I tend to like the bags priced over $600, which $100 off means very little, especially when they hit outlet 60 days later. :-s