Received another black beauty today!!

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  1. #1 Jul 18, 2009
    Last edited: Jul 18, 2009
    I'm so lucky!!
    My BF had a surprise for me when i got home from work today:yahoo:
    A Black Mitzy messenger:biggrin::yahoo:
    Off to make pics now! HE was so excited that he found this one in the sale, so he just had to buy it (i totally agree:graucho:)
  2. Ohhh what a lovely BF. Where did he manage to find a Black Mitzy in the sale? That was good.
  3. Dying to see pics!!!!
  4. I promiss to do modelling pics tomorrow!!
    I look like sh%t after work today and cannot even bother to get up from my seat tonight...

    Bexiboo, i'm from the Netherlands, i think a small local shop (he said they only had 4 Mulberry bags there and a lot of shoes) Just really lucky, i guess:smile:
  5. Great find -fab BF:biggrin: Looking forward to modelling pics
  6. OOh, looks fab, you must be thrilled wit the bag and your BF!
  7. Perfect timing that your lovely BF were there and saw it & recognise it THEN bought it on the spot! How lucky is that!? Congrats :yahoo:
  8. That looks lovely! And it's out of stock on the Mulberry website so it's a real find, well done Sterre's BF!:woohoo:
    Best you get started on counting your shoe collection, to say thank you.....:happydance:
  9. Oh so beautiful and what a fantastic BF you have! He should be very pleased with himself!
  10. LOL, i think that's only appropriate;)
  11. Congrats Sterre, what a lucky girl you are! And what a lovely BF you have! Can you get him to ring my DH and tell him he ought to buy me a Mulberry bag as well?
  12. What a brilliant BF to find such a superb bargain.
  13. LOL, i'm very lucky that he actually likes Mulberry a lot! He knowes me -he should after almost 7 years- and i guess he likes to keep me happy (or quiet :graucho:)

    He was lucky too... bargain time, he just told me he got 50% off
  14. :shocked:

    Wow - amazing bargain & amazing boyfriend! Can you share him around please? :roflmfao:
  15. Didnt you do well - I bet he is in ur good books he he
    Gorgeous bag, congratulations
    I love this site with new reveals, its like everyone having a stunning present every day.
    Its a feel good place to be