Received Anniversary Edition for Anniversary!

  1. I received the 85th Anniversary Edition medium Boston bag in burnt red this morning as one of my anniversary gifts! I love the color and leather on this bag and the size is perfect! If anyone was thinking about getting this bag..... RUN, don't walk!! :biggrin:

    Gucci Red Ann Boston 1.jpg Gucci Red Ann Boston 2.jpg Gucci Red Ann Boston 3.jpg Gucci Red Ann Boston 4.jpg
  2. it's beautiful!! congrats!!
  3. Oh that bag is TDF!!! I love it - Congrats :smile: :heart:
  4. yummy!!! congrats!!!
  5. LOVE IT Congrats! I'm trying to get the one in the guccisma leather sometime soon!!!
  6. Thank you Ladies! :smile: And D&G, the guccisima print in this bag is gorgeous too!
  7. Congrats! Now you can add one more gorgeous bag to your exquisite collection!
  8. wow! SO HOT! YOU GO GIRL! I want it..LOL
  9. Gorgeous!
  10. Absolutely Gorgeous Bag. Enjoy in good health
  11. great bag you lucky gal!!! congrats!!!
  12. Happy anniversary & congrats on the beautiful bag!
  13. Thanks very much again, all!! And thank you for the special anniversary wishes Kat! - 18 years on Sunday!:smile:

    Jill, would that then make it your 5th or 6th spectacular bag this week (heehee)!! :biggrin:
  14. ^ Hey! Im about to hit 10 years on Aug think I deserve another bag..dont you???LMAO!
  15. Oh yeah!! 10 years is a BIGGIE too so how about the croc version of it that Kat posted (heeheehee)!! :lol: