Received a old smelly LV on ebay adverstised as LN

  1. Hi,

    Has anyone ever bought authentic LVs on eBay advertised as Like New and when anxiously opening the parcel you received a digusting smell old bag:cursing: ?The pics looked great on the listing, must be the lighting or another bag.

    This happened to me a few times awhile ago before I learnt about this forum. What do you normally do?

    I filed a complaint with paypal and as usual, they are useless, the said that a description is a matter of personal opinion. Ok, that seller must be blind :yucky: , she advertised it as like new, used handful of times , mint condition and strap hasn't even begun to turn colour. When I received, it was obvious that the dirty old bag was used an handful of years and not times and it was musty:push: , dirty and heavily scrateched up and tarnished brassware. She refused to refund me. Paypal favoured the seller, eBay told me to go thru paypal. I was sent on a wild goose chase for over 3 months to fight for it. I paid 370.00 plus shipping, after all that I sold it for 200.00 on eBay and advertised it as honestly as I could.

    Ebay and paypal protection, what's that?:cursing: I guess they don't really care as long as they got their fees. I emailed the seller very politely and she didn't care so I told here that treat others as she would like to be treated. True, right?
  2. The Golden Rule you mean? Yeah, people seem to forget that. Sorry this happened to you. Did the pic look LN?
  3. could try fight it under 'not as advertise'?
  4. That really sucks. :cursing:
  5. people take the best looking pics they can, which isnt always honest... they should just take pics of everything, to aviod negative feed back..
  6. if you have tried all the avenues, paypal/ebay and the seller.
    I'd leave neg feedback explaining why.

  7. That's terrible, good luck with this.. :S
  8. Ofcourse no names mentioned, one LV that I bought smelled like moth balls. I have no problems if they mention it in the auction, but if they don't I have a problem. I can tell you I would never have bid if I knew this was the smell I was going to encounter. Oh, and they were MPRS:cursing:
  9. Did you pay with a cc? Maybe you could get some help there.
  10. I did go thru my cc but since it was still paid thru paypal, paypal even froze my account of nearly 2 months:hysteric: .
  11. I totally agree, I don't mind if the seller is atleast honest so we know what to expect. I have bought from this seller as well. Gotcha, know who these MSPS are.
  12. Yup, I filed a item significantly different and good ol' paypal told me that everyone has their own opinion on it and that would not be consider as not as describe. Ebay of course don't care and told me to file it as item not received, isn't that dishonest of them, huh?
  13. Wow I don't have any great advice, but that is really a bummer. Hope it gets resolved, so one wants an old stinky bag.

  14. Unfortunately, paypal favoured the seller, ebay told me to go thru paypal and the seller just wouldn't respond. I got stuck with the smelly old bag and sold it on ebay for 199.99, lost 200.00 on it without ever using it.
  15. It happened to me not too long ago, and you are right. I filed the claim with paypal, got rejected b/c paypal told me dispute claim only applies to the shipment of goods, not to disputes about the attributes or quality of the goods received.

    Paypal sucks, paypal favored the seller. I don't really think the buyer's right is protected unless buyer doesn't receive the item at all, then paypal will refund the money. Once you paid, and receive the item, unless you pay for an apple, but get an orange, otherwise, the money is gone.

    I did file with my CC company, but won't put much hope on it. I just decided to take a lost.

    So, for those dis-honest sellers, whatever goes around, comes around!