Received a LV bag a gift yesterday and have few questions

  1. Hi :smile: Yesterday I received my first LV handbag as a gift. And I have few questions.
    I might sound stupid, but shouldn't there be a tag or something where it indicates manufacturing country? I also didn't find the bag's passport or any proof of its authenticity.

    Many thanks in advance :smile:
  2. Could you post some pics of it?
  3. [​IMG]

    here it is, sorry for the quality it is a cellphone cam :shame:
  4. You may want to post in the "Authenticate this LV" thread :yes:

    Can you take pics of the leaf on the left side (left in the pic above) and the trademark stamp inside of the bag (where it says ((suppose to say)) "Made in ....." That will help us tell you if its authentic. A pic of the datecode (inside the bag - I'm not sure where its located in the Saleya) would help too.