Received a Fake Bag as a Gift -- WWYD?

  1. My dad recently went on a trip to the Philippines, and my cousin sent me a fake Chanel bag and wallet back with him as gifts for me.

    They're not even "grade AAA or 7 star" replicas as they would call it. Not even remotely CLOSE to the real thing. I don't even have to closely examine the interior to know they're fake. The wallet is some totally weird design that was completely made up. The bag is supposed to be a Vinyl Coco Cabas. The problem is, it's 1/3 of the size and the CC medallion, lining, tags, basically everything is TOTALLY wrong.

    Anyways, my point is. What should I do? I'm going back to the Philippines to visit my relatives during Christmas break, and I'm not sure how I can wear my real Chanel/designer bags without hurting my cousin's feelings. I don't want to make her feel like I don't appreciate her gift, because I do, but the bag and wallet are just REALLY unbelievably fake.


    (btw I didn't post this in the Chanel thread for a reason -- I'm looking for feedback as to what you guys would do if you received a fake as a gift, not necessarily a fake Chanel).
  2. Oh boy, I don't know what I would do.

    Are you going to be seeing her a lot during your visit? If not, then maybe pretend like you're using the bag she gave you. Wear it around the house or something? lol If anything, maybe just act like you have a really similar bag so you're saving the one she gave you for 'special occasions.'

    If I wasn't going to see the person for a really long time then I would just toss it and say I got good use out of it while it lasted. lol
  3. The item gets put away somewhere where I don't have to see it everyday and feel guilty. If asked I'd say I was saving it for a special occasion (I've never been asked so far). Eventually it will go in with the Goodwill donations.
    In your case, could you "accidentally" let it get stolen? Or "Omigosh, I put it on the kitchen counter and "accidentally" spilled wine/grape juicetomato sauce all over it!"
  4. Unfortunately, both the bag and the wallet are this weird plastic/vinyl material that is essentially waterproof. :s

    I'll probably be seeing her a lot on my trip in December, because my family has a huge estate in the Philippines with different houses on them, but they're all a 1 minute walk from each other so it's hard to avoid someone (and I wouldn't want to avoid my own cousin because of that).

    Arg. I guess I'll wear it once or twice around her, and say I "rotate" my bags so they get less wear.

  5. Most communities have orgs who help ladies who are extricating themselves from abusive relationships.

    For many women, their liberation involves sacrificing many, even all, of their personal possessions.

    Their reality and concerns are very basic, most are not going to care one way or the other about the provenance of a bag, they just need something in which to put their stuff - stuff that will be donated to the org by some person of goodwill, as I hope you will consider donating the bag and wallet your cousin sent you, along with any other stuff that you do not want or need for whatever reason. ;)
  6. Such things easily get stolen.. Like in a cafe when you're ordering. Or while visiting the washroom. Or maybe a goddie attecked it? God knows what will happen to it by December.
  7. Thank her for the gift when you see her -- it's the thought that counts anyway and I'm sure she'd be fine seeing your other bags during your visit. You don't need to bring her bag tho. If she asks, don't discuss the bag itself but really tell her how much you appreciated her thinking of you and knowing how much you liked bags (I'm sure you'd do this anyway!), it's now in your collection at home. There's a chance she isn't even aware that she got you a fake. For many people, a bag is just a bag....

    Many people who give gifts often like to be acknowledged personally than hearing praise for the gift itself.
  8. I might have to keep the items just because if she ever wanted to see them on a future trip for whatever reason, I wouldn't know what to say.

    Good point. I feel bad, because she knows I love Chanel and I know she probably went through a lot of trouble finding me the bag and wallet. :s

    Thanks for your advice guys.
  9. Ahh. Then hang it on a hook in your closet and use it to store hair clips, sunglasses, etc, and stuff the wallet with all those business cards that we all seem to accumulate despite our best efforts not to.
  10. If you know that she bought you the bag because she knows you love Chanel, then chances are she doesn't know it is fake. If it were me, I would just use the bag while I was there. It is not worth hurting the feelings of someone you love for a bag. After all, while we all love the end, they are just material possessions. Family is much much much more important.
  11. When thanking her, you could ask if it was expensive... this would give you an idea if she knew it was a fake or not. If they paid a lot for it not knowing, it would be better just to mention that you think it might be a fake and if she could bring it back while you are on a visit. If she paid a lot for it.... wouldn't be better to return it if possible and buy a real one?

    If response gives you the idea that it was cheap, you know that your cousin bought a fake on purpose and you could hang it in your closet for accessories like ShimmaPuff mentioned.
  12. Graciously accept it, thank your cousin, then do whatever you want with the could say:
    1. it got stolen
    2. dog chewed it up
    3. friend fell in love with it and HAD to have it
    4. you left it at _______ and when you returned it was gone
    5. you decided to donate it to "bags for charity"

    I could go on and on, but you get the point....Good luck !!
  13. i would just use it around her once or twice just to make her feel like her gift was appreciated. i have gotten fakes as gift before and i make sure the person who got it for me see me use it once. After that I just use "it's so beautiful that i don't want to over-use it or get it dirty"
  14. I think its really up to you as to how far you want to take this lol. I know its put u in an awkward position. I would either tell her you didnt bring it because you only brought 1or2 etc bags and u didnt want to get that one ruined etc. Or this is what I would probably do.. why dont you just use the wallet, u dont have to even put anything in it, but that way you dont have to look at it, but if she asks u can bring it out, or u can conveniently bring it out a few times. That way she sees you are using it and everyone is happy?
  15. I don't think I would suggest that. It's very rude to ask how much a gift is, no matter how general you make it.