Received a different item than listing

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  1. Hi guys (again)
    I know I have been having bad luck on ebay lately. This is the second time I had to refuse a package in the span of 3 weeks. I ordered a Chanel Jumbo flap on ebay from seller who registered in Texas US but shipment came from UK. He told me because he used his nephew's account who's based in the UK. The purse came today. As soon as the courier guy gave it to me, I felt something was wrong. The package felt a lot lighter than it should and looked significantly smaller than a Chanel Jumbo box. There would be no way you can squeeze a Chanel jumbo box inside that shipping box. So I weighed the box in front of the courier it said 2.11 pounds which is how much a jumbo itself should weigh. If you add the weigh of the chanel box and shipping box there is no way it could weigh 2.11. I had to sign for the package before he could give it to me by the way.

    I immediately gave it to the courier whom took it back to his truck. I raised my concern with the seller whom refused to take any responsibility. He said I put the authentic bag inside its box I don't know what happened. I know its BS because I weighed the package myself. He seemed to ignore all the facts that I brought up. I told him I never opened the package. Had I opened it DHL wouldn't take it back. He kept saying that I tried to scam him blah bla blah.

    The tracking number still says delivered and signed for but DHL rep had sent me an email stating that the package was refused. I was told by another agent that the status will be updated at the end of the day. However the guy whom sent me the email said otherwise. He said the tracking number is done and over with and that it will not be updated. He also said only the seller can request the return otherwise the package will be in limbo.

    I contacted ebay reporting what I heard from DHL. The agent told me to upload the email from DHL rep which I did. He also said that if the tracking number doesn't update I can obtain a report from DHL stating that the package is going back to the seller or if the seller refused to take it back. They will refund me either way.

    I will be going to DHL station tomorrow to photograph the size and weigh of the package for my record.

    My question here is what should I do next? Is there anything else I should do to cover my butt?

    Thank you all for reading. I apologize for a looong read.
  2. I don't understand. Are you saying that you never even opened the package? You just happened to know that a Jumbo should weigh 2.11 lbs?

    Well, I can tell you that eBay rules say that you forfeit buyer protection when you refuse a package. You are supposed to get authorization for a return from a seller and pay to ship the item back. It might be different if they have automatic returns set up, though.
  3. No the package I received weighs 2.11 pounds.
    The jumbo with its box inside a shipping box should weigh more than that.
  4. By refusing the packing, you have voided your buyers protection.
  5. Oh no!!

    I can still pick it up tomorrow though. Then I will just return it?
  6. JOC, what was the first time you had to refuse a package?
  7. I did not refuse the 1st package. I was told by the seller to just ship it back without opening it which I did. I received my full refund for that package already. This time I literally refused the package. I just called the case manager. He said I did not void my protection. He however told me to pick it up and open it. He said it may very well be fake or a completely different item. In that case I don't have to ship it back. If I do ebay will cover the shipping according to him. But I will pick it up tomorrow and take photographs of the content while I am at DHL.
  8. But what if it's the Chanel jumbo? Or perhaps ... the seller sent you the wrong bag by mistake? That has happened on here before.
  9. It cant be the chanel jumbo because it weighed only 2.11 pounds with shipping box. If it is then there is no chanel box inside. If its the case then seller still mispresented the bag. But i will pick up the package tomorrow as instructed by ebay. I will keep you updated.
  10. You can't win a SNAD if you can't say what was in the box.
  11. I did not want to assume any kind of responsibilities once I knew it weighed less than it's supposed to. I did not know ebay rules that thoroughly but I am learning slowly. Anyways I will pick it up tomorrow as per ebay instruction and just ship it back. The seller accepts return in his listing by the way.
  12. Let us know what is in the box. It may be a good idea to have someone tape you opening it too. I am very curious!
  13. You messed up twice!! And big time!

    You're lucky that the first seller was honest because in that case too, returning a package without having opened it would have voided your buyer protection. If the seller claimed non-receipt, she would have won a dispute.

    In both cases, without knowing what's inside, without authorization for a return (from seller #2), without your OWN return tracking numbers and without knowledge that the items were indeed SNAD, you would have lost both cases.

    You might want to consider buying from stores where you can see, inspect, and know what you're getting. Ebay isn't for everyone.
  14. Thank you for your info beenburned. I never knew that i have to provide my own trackin number for the item. I was shocked to see the small box so i was too scared to open it as i did not want the seller to say i switched something else for his purse. I also did not know that by rejecting the package i voided my protection. I called ebay and spoke to my case manager he said no i did not and he understood why i did that. Its like ordering a king size bed and it came in a full size box. With that being said i was too nervous to accept the responsibilities. I will head to dhl station tomorrow and videotape myself openin the package. I do hope its what i ordered in the box but i weighed my jumbo in black it weighs 2.77 just by itself so i highly doubt there is a box in there. The width of the package is too thin for a jumbo box as well. I really dont know what to think. Will keep you updated.
  15. I meant 2.7 pounds.