Received a crappy Adios Star Ciao Ciao...

  1. OMG, it's so frustrating...
    Some days ago I won an Adios Star Ciao Ciao from eBay (don't know if I can say the seller id...) and today I received it:wtf:...
    The seller put it in a waaay too small shipping bag (it was about 1/3 of the Ciao Ciao) and bent it too much.
    I attached a pic, the wrinkles are big, many and noticeable, and I don't think I can iron a nylon bag...Can I?
    What should I do with the seller?
    I can't leave a neg fb because she would do the same with me...
    I'm so sad:crybaby:, the more I look at it, the more I can't like this bag...
    Please help meeeeeeeee:crybaby:
  2. maybe you can ask for a partial refund? i'm sure the seller doesn't want neg. feedback and will work with you. I think you should contact the seller and tell her/him what had happen and if they accept returns. It doesn't hurt to ask.

    It has happen to me before, I recieved something that wasn't as described and looked totally different from the pictures. The seller was nice enough to refund 3/4 of what i paid! I was so happy I asked. You never know...

    I don't think ironing it is a good idea..maybe those steam irons??

    good luck and I hope you get the answer you need!
  3. try steaming it: turn on the shower really hot and let the bathroom get nice and steamy (about 5-10 min). Turn off the water and then hang your bag in the bathroom. Let it stay there as long as possible, probably until all the steam is gone. Immediately try and smooth out the bag. Try again a couple times if there are still noticable wrinkles.
  4. Try and protect the leather straps from any water mist, though.After you take the bag out of the bathroom just wipe off the straps with a soft cloth.

    Leather + water = yucky :yucky:
  5. This thread might get moved to the eBay forum -you should check it out for help & tips w/this situation, btw. But definitely contact the seller to work out a compromise -especially if they charged you a decent shipping fee that would not warrant them squishing the bag into a too-small box. I just recently had an issue where the bag was inaccurately described & the seller was responsive & helpful from the beginning...most sellers will be b/c they don't want to have a dispute formally opened &/or negative feedback. Good luck.
  6. Sorry, just looked at the pic...I think those wrinkles will go away as you use the bag. I know it's still disappointing to not get in pristine condition, especially if you paid at/over retail, though. Maybe asking the seller to refund s/h charges would be a good agreement for the two of you?
  7. when i have had something un-ironable, i have put something weighty on it (like a big text book), and it seems to get rid of creases. though i must admit i have never done it on a handbag.

    Hope it gets sorted for you!
  8. Yikes! Those wrinkles look pretty ... wrinkly. :sad: I hope they do come out in time. But, I agree with everyone, you defenitely need to contact the seller. It is not acceptable for a bag to reach you in that condition!
  9. The wrinkles will definitely come out when you use the bag.
  10. I think you should definitely get in contact with the seller and maybe try to get the shipping charges refunded. Besides, it's good for the seller to know that her shipping is not appropriate for Toki's, hopefully she's appreciate the feedback. Those wrinkles will come out with use, though.
  11. i don't know...i don't think this calls for a refund, because wrinkles are temporary. i'm pretty sure the wrinkles will come out eventually with wear, but for now, you can place the bag under a stack of heavy books (thank goodness the ciao is a flat bag!). the seller, well, she/he should know better :push:
  12. Nylon can in fact be ironed at the lowest setting then use a spray bottle with water and a little bit of white vinegar and lightly spray the fabric then iron the vinegar helps unset the creases. Thoughtry steaming first.
  13. the wrinkles will come out when you use it, mine had slight wrinkles and they are gone now.
  14. Unfortunately, several of us have noticed that the Adios Star fabric is stiff and wrinkly overall. I have seen brand new AS bags in Macy's and Nordstrom that are as wrinkly as yours. I think it was kkiimm that got an AS Campeggio (from a LSS outlet, I think?) and it arrived all wrinkled.

    I think the steam idea is a good one, but I also think that using it will soften the fabric and the wrinkles should fade over time. How about laying it out flat and putting some heavy books or something else heavy and flat on it overnight?

    Good luck, and keep us posted!!!

    (As an aside...I really like the word "wrinkles". I want to say it over and over and over. Wrinkles wrinkles wrinkles! :lol:)

  15. The problem, I think, with waiting until the bag wears out the wrinkles is this - no one wants to wear a wrinkly bag. Why should she have to wait until the wrinkles fall out when the bag should've arrived immaculate in the first place? For bags such as these, I would definitely recommend steaming them.

    If you have an iron, set it on a steam setting and hold it close to the bag. Don't allow the iron plate to touch the bag material, but keep it very close. This is, of course, if you don't have access to a commercial, upright steamer. If you know of a tailor or are near a tailor shop, they should be able to steam your bag for very cheap. The iron-steam method is just as effective, but might take a little longer. Why wait to wear a bag, or why wear it wrinkled?


    Gorgeous bag, though. Niiiiiice print placement.

    Edit: And, yes, 'wrinkles' IS a cool word! Wrinkles wrinkles wrinkles..