Received a Chloe Edith from NM. Can it be a fake?

  1. Today my chloe small edith satchel and patsy arrived. Patsy was in a good condition with its original chloe dust bag, tag, and certificate (or card?) attached.

    But the edith came without its original dust bag. No tag and no card either. Also, please look at the 4th picture with some kind of serial number on it. I compared it with that of Patsy. Patsy's serial tag is a smooth leather and shows where it was made. But Chloe's serial tag is very stiff and feels like a fake leather plus doesn't show where it was made.

    I've heard about poor stitches of chloe bags so it is possible that an edith small satchel just comes this way. But if you own this bag, then could you please check?

    If it is not a fake one, then I may be interested in keeping it. In this case, should I ask for more discount for missing dust bag and tag/card?
    DSC03375.JPG DSC03382.JPG DSC03383.JPG DSC03388.JPG DSC03390.JPG
  2. You might want to try posting in the Chloe forum, I think that they have an "authenticate this" thread. :smile:
  3. Regardless of the outcome ( & I hope its the real thing), its a pretty sad day when we are forced to question the authenticity of a bag ordered thru a department store website or over the phone. :sweatdrop:
  4. This is really interesting, I bought the white Edith satchel as above about 6 -8 weeks ago, when I received it, I was so disappointed. I have a whiskey Edith and it is beautiful, this white bag left something to be desired. The black trim/paint or whatever it is, was uneven (on the edging), the leather looked like plastic or like a cheaper leather, and the stitching was as in the photo above, very uneven. I immediately sent it back with a note that I couldn't believe this was 'Chloe Quality', however, when I sent it back it was in pristine condition with tags/dustbag, etc. Either these bags are not up to standard, or ........
  5. I decided to put this here because I thought that other people should know that NM online can't be trusted in case that this bag turns out to be a real fake -- to me it really seems a counterfeit as even my husband -- who knows nothing about bags -- said that it looks so cheap and different from the picture shown on NM online.
  6. I received a fake chloe from NM once. It was in a chloe dust bag but it was not a chloe. I called them immediately and they had it picked up. Of course it was sold out so they couldn't give me another.
  7. That's so disappointing that you have to worry about getting a fake from a reputable high end store.
  8. Lindacris, did you get a fake Chloe or was it some other bag in a Chloe dust bag?

    Sometimes the floor samples are shipped like that. I got a pair of Loeffler Randall boots from them once and it was just wrapped in some tissues and a Neiman gift box without the original shoe box and dust bag.
  9. It was some ugly brown bag in a chloe dust bag.
  10. I don't think NM did it on purpose but I think that they need to check their returns when they come in.
  11. I agree. Someone probably switched bags on them. My mom is a SA and she always tells me all these horror stories of what some customers pull off and actually get away with.
  12. Here is a picture for a leather serial number tag on a chloe patsy which I received with the edith today. I was waiting for these bags, headed home today with great joy, but am now frustrated.

    More pictures for this patsy are posted in "Authenticate This chloe" thread because now I can not even trust this patsy either.
    DSC03393.JPG DSC03397.JPG
  13. I've bought a lot of bags from NM, and this particular incident with the white Edith satchel is the only question of authenticity that I found, that's why I sent it back with a note, however, not sure they read our notes. The Patsy looks good from what I can tell.
  14. I don't own a Chloe so I'm not an expert, but that Edith looks fake to me. Or if it's not fake, it's VERY poorly constructed. :tdown: Get a refund!!!