Received 2 packages: instant reveal!

  1. Got both of my packages today. Anyone??
  2. A happy day
  3. I'm here! :biggrin:
  4. Yay first one !
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  5. Tadada! The online exclusive Blanche bb in noir :heart::heart::P
  6. Very pretty Blanche bb!
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  7. Thank you!
    And the second one ♥️
    9102F2E0-8F3D-453B-9280-E66610420780.jpeg A35EF40D-1FCF-49EF-94A7-0CF796037F7C.jpeg
  8. both are beautiful - congrats!!
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  9. I love them thanks for viewing !
  10. These are beautiful! :loveeyes::loveeyes::loveeyes:
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  11. Congratulations! Both beautiful bags! And bag twins on the Blanche BB! :heart::smile:
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  12. Gorgeous bags!
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  13. Both are beautiful, congrats! I really like the Blanche bb!
  14. Very nice, love them both!
  15. So awesome!
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