Receipts being sold on Ioffer!

  1. That is crazy, this situation is really out of hand with these handbags, so just a side note to everyone- Receipts mean absolutely NOTHING! this really disgust me to see people can stoop so low.
    If you want to buy Authentic handbags just purchase brand new from the actual dept stores suxh as N.Marcus, Bloomies, Macy's, Saks, Nordstrom, or boutique or Used from legitimate companies who will stand behind their bags offered and refund you immediately if there is a problem like consignment shops,bagborrowsteal,frombagstoriches,eluxury,pursedealership,net-a-porter,Zappos. If you want to sell please don't and stop scamming people. People work hard for their money and need it just as much as you do. I am REALLY REALLY REALLY disgusted with people selling invoices, that is very low, the lowest thing I have ever seen.
  2. I agree too that is really quite disgusting. :throwup: But what goes around comes around. SCAM all they want, one day it will come back and CHEW off their *ss.
  3. Thank you! I think this is the soundest advice I have seen posted here, and it is for that reason that I thought it would be a good idea to repeat it in big red letters.

    And I would take it beyond purses. If there is ANYTHING that you want to buy, and its coming from a particular specific company or facility is important to you, and well it should be, if you are paying a premium for what you consider to be an "authentic designer" item, your best bet for obtaining the product you desire, and only that product, is to visit a brick and mortar store authorized to sell that brand, and examine the merchandise and make your selection personally.
  4. i think that is my best advice ever!!!!!!!!1
  5. There are some really bad crooks on the internet & ioffer is famous for fakes there are loads of fake sellers on eBay also but please do not forget that there are honest sellers out there also. MyPoupette sellers are carefully vetted with all of their previous auctions examined & their buyers contacted before they are given MyPoupette status.
  6. well thats why I dont send receipts anymore. I actually had a previous repeat buyer of mine on ebay get a FAKE bag from a seller with a copy of one of MY Chloe receipts. It had my name on it! She contacted me immediately and her seller (who I contacted) pretty much laughed at me and wrote back that he buys receipts on So I stopped including receipts.
  7. Can we get phony receipts that show we paid $200 for a $2,000 bag to show our PHH what a great deal we got? Maybe we can fake the spouses out..:roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  8. LOL....
  9. WOW that is some scary stuff. I know nothing too important is ever printed on a receipt but I don't like the idea of these sketchy people even having my name or knowing where I live. It's possible that this person could have gotten you into trouble, for fraud!
  10. OMG! I even never realized that the receipt we sent with the bag is possible create trouble to ori. owner :wtf: thanks for sharing your experince Oh Donna! Since now, I'll keep all my receipts for myself
  11. :yes::yes: strong agree! I realize some immoral people never mind to humiliate theirself with that amount of money and bad thing but please keep in mind, some honest people won't shame their self and lost trust...
  12. Couldn't agree more! Before buying anything of value, it's best do your research. Not only are there fake receipts on ioffer, there are also people who sell store bags. It's disgusting. Some people have no shame. :hysteric:
  13. Fake Receipts have been around for a long time. That is why it should be a mute point with ebay.
  14. OMG...this is ridiculous!!!!!!!! I knew there were tonnes of fake receipts floating around, but didn't realize they're actually sold on ioffer!!!

    Can't trust anything anymore!!!
  15. Ioffer is an absolute HAVEN for fake bags etc. Thats where I go when I want to post in the "Funniest/Ugliest Fakes" LV thread.