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  1. Ok, so I have only bought 2 items, a wallet and a groom cles, both of which have come from LV in Charlotte NC. I was looking on eBay and saw like a million different types of receipts, so that made me wonder, do different LV boutiques use different recepits? Below is a pic of what mine looks like
    receipt 002.jpg
  2. They do have different receipts. I know my LV store just changed their receipts. I believe mine look just like that.
  3. Mine looks just like that too. Same format, same font, same paper and it's from the Santa Clara, California boutique.
  4. I have a bunch of dif. looking receipts from over the years. I do believe the most recent ones look similar to yours.
  5. My recent one looks just like that too.. maybe Vuitton is in the process of changing receipts?? My older ones look different from the recent one.
  6. My recent receipts look just like yours.
  7. Yep, my receipts look like that. It may also be because it's coming from a counter inside a store rather than from the actual store that you're seeing the variety !
  8. My receipts look like yours. Oh, wait, actually I have one from a Neiman Marcus LV that looks different. It just looks like a NM receipt. Maybe the freestanding boutique receipts are different from the LV counter ones in the bigger dept stores.
  9. Yup, same thing for me. Past ones I have are tea-stained color with the old car on them and also eluxury ones. But ya there's a variety.
  10. Yes, receipts from LV flagship stores and LV boutiques within department stores are different.

    Receipts can also be faked quite easily.
  11. The LV store in Charlotte isn't a counter store; it's a free-standing boutique/separate store. So do these receipts look wrong?
  12. The US receipt looks just like the one you showed, the receipt LV France has a big LV on the back and it is rectangular.
  13. Receipts here are like the French ones with the big LV on the back.
    Picture 026.jpg
  14. mine look like shalomjudes receipts
  15. I'm a little late... but thought I would show what receipts from eLux and Saks look like... ;)

    All of my other receipts look like yours, Sbum15. :yes:


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