Receipt Question - What Should I Do?

  1. So I was going through my Hermes receipts and I noticed something that disturbed me greatly ... Apparently my recent purchases (which are at least $7000) did NOT show me as the person who purchased the items. Instead, it's SOMEONE ELSE's client ID! Somebody else is getting credit for my purchases and it really bothers me ...

    WHAT should I do? Can I actually take the receipts to my SA and request that this be rectified? I mean, this is A LOT of money and I'd really like to get credit for spending so much. Argh ... I'm feeling really depressed now ... :crybaby:
  2. I think I'd just march down to the store with all those receipts and just nicely ask your SA what's going on? Is it possible that it could be a mistake? Is this one receipt or more?
  3. To be honest I'd suggest you not do that simply because they may think you are being a little "overbearing." I have looked at my receipts and I have like 3 client IDs depending on how my name is spelled...or under my parent's maybe that is just what happened with you. Your name is on the receipt right?
  4. I have two client ID's- one for the PO Box and one for my actual home address - UGH!!
  5. No, my name is not on the receipts with different ID. For the receipts that actually have my name, they all share the same ID. I mean, this is A LOT of money ... I feel that I should get some credit for them:Push:
  6. Your store keeps your address in the sytem? Mine doesn't do that anymore.
  7. is anyone else's name on the receipts w/ the different client id?
  8. I would go to the store and try to understand why.
  9. No, it's blank under Client Name, but the Client ID is different.
  10. did you use a different/new CC from what you've been using in the past? i'm just trying to isolate the cause for the blank name.
  11. You know what? I think I did ... You think that can be the reason? What should I do? I mean, my SA knows it's me ...
  12. yep...and phone number...we're behind the times Down Here!!!!!
  13. then don't worry. since the SA knows you, she/he will probably update that id w/ your name & other info later. so viola - problem solved - you now have two client ids.
  14. When you go to the shop next you should try to have the situation rectified with your next purchase.
  15. Kou - if you do decide to ask for a replacement receipt, you might want to say that it is for insurance purposes and it needs to be in your name for your household insurers to accept that you actually have the item/s? just a thought