Receipt question for Coach SA's

  1. I exchanged a smaller size bag for a larger size bag. I did not have the gift receipt for the exchange, but paid the difference (almost twice as much as original bag) in cash. I have the new receipt.

    Now I am not sure if I care for this new one either. :shrugs: :sad:

    On the new receipt it just says 05-customer changed mind regarding the first bag, and then goes on to the new transaction details, the method of payment, etc. It doesn't (as far as I can tell) say anything about a receipt given for the exchange.

    My question....if I decide to return it, by what method will I receive the refund? Will it be partial credit, partial refund, or can you tell from the receipt if they will give me a full refund? :confused1:

    Thanks :shame:
  2. You would receive the full refund for the purse you are returning. If you're exchanging it then you would receive full credit of the purse you are exchanging. I am the return queen! I do it all the time. I'm tomorrow bringing my Soho Stitched Black Hobo to Coach and exchanging it for the Carly Medium in Parchment. About 1 month ago I traded a duffel for the Soho. They don't care as long as they aren't used or show signs of use. Just keep your current receipt and you should be fine.

    Hope this helps!

  3. Thanks, Ashley!

    But....have you had the experience of not having the original receipt before the exchange, and then still getting a full refund? I am confuzzled. I would think that they would just scan the bar code and it would show up all the transaction details....including that I didn't have the original receipt. :crybaby:
  4. ^i have no idea what handbag ashley said but this is my response, and it goes with any transaction you make, coach wise or non-coach as long as exchanges are accepted without reciepts.

    if you had no reciept with the orignal transaction, no matter what store it is (except nordy's, then they have that sticker thingy) you do not get money back. only credit.

    if you paid more in exchanging and wanted to return the item you exchanged, you only get back the difference you paid, the rest, would be given back in credit.

    however, this is only if your cashier is smart enough, there are cashiers who aren't so smart or careful, and have been known to give back all on CC or cash, however the method paid.

    hope that answers your question!
  5. Yes, it does! That is pretty much what I thought. :yes:

    Since that is the case, I am going to keep the larger bag and love it. :love:

    I think my wanting to return it was more of a sticker shock thing really...did I really want to spend that much more on a similar style bag as the smaller one I was returning just for an up in size? Either way, the smaller bag was too small for my I would have ended up with a credit with either scenario~ had I returned the smaller one, or returned the larger one. I like the style too much to get a credit for it.

    Thank you for your help. I feel at peace now. :p
  6. I thought you said you had the receipt for the exchange. Right? Well, then you should have no problem in returning the handbag you exchanged. I called the Coach store 2 days ago about returning a purse I exchanged and they said that as long as there is no sign of use or damage then I can exchange it or get my money back. They put the money back on the card you used to purchase it. That's what they did for the 1st exchange from the duffel to the soho hobo. So, now they'll use the exchange value to go towards the Carly and I will pay the difference for the upgrade. However, it sounds like you're happier with a bigger bag.
  7. if you return a retail item to an outlet without a receipt will they give coach credit without receipt and can this be used at the retail store if you do not use all of it at the outlet or will they give cash back or cc refund.
  8. No, I didn't. I couldn't find the gift receipt. :sad:

    Thank you for your help, though!! :yes:
  9. About a month ago I exchanged my soho rabbit hobo for the legacy shoulder bag...of course the hobo was only $87.00 so I had to pay the difference of the shoulder bag. Well about a week of having the shoulder bag I wasn't completely loving it so I returned it & they gave me a full refund. I thought that I was going to get $87.00 in Coach credit & refund me the rest but nope they put the full refund on my debit card. That SA I'm not so sure she knew what she was doing though b/c she didn't even know that the full price stores accepts returns from the outlets w/ receipts.
  10. um, no. that's not how it's suppose to be. try that again over and over and see if you get the same results. working at coach of course i know the return policys by heart--it's there on the cashwrap everyday!

    any purchases made with a reciept may be returned at any coach store, if it's unused, for a full refund (currently there is no time limit written on this) in the method you paid.

    any purchases returned without a reciept, unused, can only be given store credit and this is to the manager's discretion (sp) b/c in my store my managers won't accept any returns without a reciept or gift reciept.

    any factory purchases can be returned at the factory store, unused, for the price paid in the method paid. if there is no reciept, at an outlet store you'd get the current selling price.

    for factory purchases returned at the full price store there MUST be a reciept or gift reciept, and the item unused. if there is no reciept, you can't make an exchange or return. and if you do have a original reciept or gift reciept you can only exchange it or get store credit, no refund.
  11. nope she didn't, and i'm sure if the managers were careful enough they would've caught her mistake and made sure she was informed.

    because the computer does not tell you how much to give back to the customer credit wise or refund wise you really have to go by the reciepts, which is why reciepts are that important.
  12. i did not not ask my question in a way that anyone could understand. sorry 'bout that! basically i just wanted to know it the merch. credit can be used at both the outlet and retail store? and if you do not use all of the credit, do they keep giving you another merch. credit until you use it up?
    thanks to ms-whitney for your explanation. I do understand the return policy now, and why i need to hang on to all receipts.
  13. OK, so let's say someone did what I did in my above original scenario. Right now, my receipt says I exchanged a bag and purchased another and paid difference. If I were to bring back (I'm not, but hypothetically speaking) the bag I have now, with the new receipt I have now, would they be able to tell the original tender for the first bag by what the new receipt says?

    I know at Nordstrom's, when the sticker shank is scanned, it pulls up the whole transaction details, payment method, etc. I sometimes don't hold onto my receipts from there, it is easier for me to just keep the shank tucked away in a box.

    I would think Coach would/should have this technology available on their systems to avoid this type of issue? :confused1:
  14. Most department stores have this where they keep credit card numbers on file but for YOUR safety, we don't because many situations happened where the numbers can be stolen easily by dept. store employees. Also Nordstrom has basically no return policy so I wouldn't compare them to any other company because I personally don't know a company other than them who would return used shoes for cash back :shrugs:

    Also : Ms. Whitney, anything under 25$ w/ no receipt is a cash refund. This is only because our merch card limit (just like gc) is 25$ so it wouldn't work. I think it took me a few months to figure this out! haha
  15. That makes sense to me. :yes:

    I still have the question though of does the "new" receipt show that the first bag was returned with no receipt, or will it just show a "customer changed mind" code or something to that effect?