"receipt" on ebay....

  1. I was watching a few auctions. I try to only bid on things that included a receipt. It was so hard for me to detect a fake so that was my only piece of mind.

    All the sellers are like "I will give you a COPY" with all my information blacked out.... okay, sounds fair.

    But then I noticed one of the auctions that ended (sold) and he/she immediately had a new one up that also "had a receipt". Same pics and all. I've used same pics for the things I have sold before too so I understand that... but then it occured to me, what happens if this person is selling fakes and just duplicated the ONE Authentic receipt for the bag bag he/she purchased (which they are probably keeping themselves).

    Am I just paranoid or has anyone else thought about this?

    So, now the only thing that was giving me the "piece of mind" may also be fake?

    AHHHHHH, the horror. I hate Fake sellers, what a nightmare....
  2. iliabags i don't think you can base you opinions on authenticity on receipts :sad2:.....i used to do the same thing until i saw tons of fakes that had "receipts," and also saw ebay sellers actually selling receipts for designer bags........really scary :Push:
  3. That is definitely a problem with eBay. I pretty much assume at this point that the receipts are not real. It is so easy to copy a receipt. There was actually a post here awhile back about a website that will sell you "templates" so you can create your own eLuxury or LV receipts.
  4. People can make and buy fake receipts! Don't think that just because they have one means the bag is real. This is one of the reasons I am terrified of ebay.
  5. Counterfeiters love making fake receipts. They even make fake eluxury receipts! :mad:
  6. U cant really trust anything on the net.... it just a guessing game u play...........U can make or buy anything . If u can make fake money , they can make fake bag , fake receipts , etc.........
  7. I think you are all 100% right - there really is very little about ebay to trust and the thought of anyone spending large sums on what is more than 95% (certainly in the UK) likely to be fake gives me the horrors -someone paid £480 last week for a Chanel bag guaranteed authentic with plastic wrapped around the handles!! The only way you can be certain you have the genuine article is to buy it yourself from a boutique and we all know what that costs, but everything about a handbag can be faked and from a few pics on the internet what chance do you have of being certain? The fakers have caught up with the hologram stickers, authentification cards are sold on ebay, and even the give away misalignment of Chanel quilting and stitching which Chanel insist must be perfect, is improving rapidly. I suppose it must be buyer beware and never spend big money unless you are dealing with reputable companies.
  8. Do not base your decision on a receipt! Any regular Jo can make a fake receipt on Adobe, so you gotta be careful!
  9. I know that is why it's so scary! I am glad I purchased my first two Speedies from here! :smile: I just can't wait to get them!! :smile:

    I just hate how many fake sellers there are. And the games they pull to get the sales, such as these fake receipts! It's terrible!
  10. Wow, I never even noticed people were recycling receipts. Bah!
  11. Not only recycling, people have templates of receipts. I remember seeing some of LV on ioffer and posted it here. It looks esactly like the eLux receipt!!!

    I never ever rely on just receipts.
  12. yea... ioffer and bidbag had programs to make the store reciepts, and eluxury receipts. i give copies to my buyers if they want it, and they usually do.. and since i pay cash on my stuff most of the time, there's nothing to black out. haha.
  13. Of course you can't rely on receipts!

    What's to stop someone buying a genuine bag from a store, scanning the receipt into their PC and then returning the bag to the store?

    They can then use this copy of the receipt as fake 'proof' of purchase for the sale of any number of fakes, as often as they like!

    The only even vaguely 'safe' way of buying items from eBay is to judge the seller via all their feedback (even that which has been withdrawn/removed) - never just the item and/or the receipt.

    Also, trust your gut reaction. If you have even a slight feeling of doubt, even if you can't explain it, about a seller/auction; then don't bid! Your subconscious may know something you don't! :smile:
  14. In the beginning I thought a receipt is a sign of the real deal too but after researching and learning a lot from here I know that receipts can be faked easily and I always wonder why people just give a copy of the receipt when they don't have the bag anymore. O.K. when there are more than 1 item on it just one can have the recipts and the rest get a copy. I always give the original receipt with the bag to the buyer if I sell on ebay which I rarely do because than they can go to the manufacturer if there is a quality issue and they still have a warranty (here it's 2 years)