Receipt but no bag...

  1. What do you think? I ordered a dentelle speedy online from LV a few weeks ago but when it arrived decided it wasn't really for me so I returned it. About a week later the receipt arrived (from france). This always happens with, first the goods then the receipt. I could now buy a fake dentelle and sell it with an original receipt. :confused1: Doesn't seem right does it?
  2. That's really weird. I wonder why they do that.
  3. that is odd.
  4. :wtf: I'd say not good at all, for LV at least.
  5. totally strange. lots of fakes on eBay with receipts.
  6. not good at all :tdown:
  7. :cursing: sorry to hear that :tdown:
  8. that is so strange
  9. Hmmm... that is rather strange! :confused1:
  10. Thats odd, I ordered my Speedy a week ago and I actually got the reciept with the bag :sad:
  11. That might not be the receipt if you have another look. You do get something with the package, same header as the receipt but just the item description and order no. on it, no price, etc, plus a returns form. The receipt usually comes later direct from France. That's how it's always happened with me.
  12. Just pulled one out now that I rec'd with Jack & Lucie, it actually says Gift Receipt on the top. So I've actually got 2 receipts for the dentelle!
  13. Totally strange! Hmmm....
  14. OMG - how scary!
  15. This is really scary, stories like this freak me out!