Rec'd My New White GH City 07

  1. I ordered a white gh city from Saks. Living in Cincinnati, I had to rely upon someone else picking it out from me, and then they shipped. I'm not sure if I like it or not - it looks so gosh darn shiny. If I treat it with LMB or some of the other products, can I make it look less shiny? What do you all think? The flash did go off when I took the photo, so that makes it look more shiny, but it really is shiny even w/o the flash.
  2. I love it. The shine will wear off with wear. Yes, conditioners will make it look more matte.
  3. may i see pic of your bag? i ordered the GH part time white too from nyc. and havent received it yet.. hope i will like it...
  4. very nice. congrats!
  5. Beautiful! :heart: The shine will wear off.. my natural GH city has a bit of shine, too, but I like it.
  6. That bag is hot! Congrats!!!
  7. Agreed!
  8. i think its beautiful.. congrats!
  9. Love it!! Love the shine too :yes:
  10. Thanks everyone! That makes me feel better. :yes:
  11. It's gorgeous, :love: the shine will go away. Daphne told me that the white and natural with gold are getting almost impossible to get and that they were huge best sellers.
  12. yeah, i called yesterday and Kim told me same thing. thats why i bought the part time GH white too!!
  13. Thanks Powder! You are making me feel so much better, too!
  14. White is HOT!!!!:love: I think it's stunning but maybe sleep on it (not the bag:lol: ) and see how you feel about it tomorrow or the next day.
  15. I like the white, but if you aren't happy, send it back and get something you'll love carrying.