Rec'd Email From Fraud Department...

  1. Here are the facts...I ordered a purse from eBay.

    After a couple of days, I didn't hear from the seller. I sent an email asking for a shipment date or notification. No response.

    A week later I received this email from eBay.

    So, I arrived home today and I had a box waiting at the door for me. I no longer want this purse.

    I made the mistake of calling eBay and Paypal about it and they are both giving me NO ANSWERS.

    Please help me! How should I go about canceling this and not being taken for a ride?

  2. Is the purse a fake? If so you need to report it. If not you agreed to purchase it and should do so. Just because a listing has been removed doesn't mean it is actually a fake (usually is but not always).
  3. Why do you no longer want the bag?

    You are really lucky, most people who's sellers get suspended don't get the item or their money back.

    If you payed by credit card you may be able to go that route....can't think of anything else right off. You may wait it out a bit, sometimes the seller will get reinstated.

  4. There is NO RECORD of the auction on eBay! The seller doesn't exist.

    I don't trust this transaction. The purse appears authentic, but after the entire fraudulent activity fiasco, it tainted my idea of the buyer AND the transaction. PLUS I did contact the seller about cancelling the item.
  5. Is the bag authentic??? That's really all you need to worry about. If it's not you need to file a dispute with Paypal or your credit card company.

  6. The same thing happened to me! I e-mailed the seller and asked what was going on and they said ebay suspended their account in error. It was for a pair of jeans, tho...only around $150. They were authentic. Eventually the seller was reinstated. I am getting really sick of ebay. I report fake bags all the time and they never do anything!!!
  7. I am at the point where I don't even want to purchase major items from them. They need to get it together!

    But here's the beauty of it. I don't have the lock for the purse. I can't get the danggone padlock open!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Try posting the bag in one of the Authenticate This forums here at tPF. If it is authentic you might feel differently about the bag and be happy to have it.

    Besides, sometimes perfectly honest sellers have their accounts temporarily suspended for stupid reasons. It just happened to a great friend of mine who sells Disneyana. She did get it resolved and reinstated, but it took over a week and all her auctions (over 100) were cancelled in the meantime. All of the bidders and buyers she had at the time received the same email that you got.

    This could just be one of the many glitches that Ebay is famous for.
  9. ebay is just a mess, i've completely given up on it. for example, i received an e-mail from ebay the other day stating that my account had been suspended due to some of my recent activity. now this was news to me, since i wasn't even aware that i had an ebay account, and since i didn't remember i had one, i haven't logged into it for at least a few years i'd say, and so there's been no activity. i thought it was hilarious! :roflmfao:
  10. I've received this notification before - sometimes the pull the listing right after it ends for ridulous reasons - the time it happened when I bought some clothing, i paid, then got that message. I emailed the seller, they apologized and let me know that ebay pulled the auction because they had a stock photo in their listing from another website. Item arrive in perfect condition. If the bag is authentic, i dont think you should worry. Email the seller and ask for a key.
  11. Thats not ebay sending that - hope you didnt click on anything in it, because those emails are well known phishing scams.
  12. there was nothing to click on-just the notification. i thought it was weird so i just ignored it-i didn't particularly care since i don't have paypal anyway so i have no real use for ebay-i think at the time i'd just wanted to have an account to watch stuff in for some weird reason :shrugs:
  13. Get the bag authenticated. If it's real, keep it and forget it.
  14. I agree with the above....
  15. One of our buyers received this email and forwarded it to us. Our account wasn't suspended at all and when we contacted Ebay they said they didn't know anything about it.