reccommend an orange/red lip liner please

  1. Hello.

    I'm UK based, looking for a lipliner to wear with my new Tom Ford Wild Ginger and Mac Lady Danger lipsticks

    Any recs?
  2. Oops! Typo. Mods, do you mind changing?
  3. Look at MAC, YSL, Chanel .. there are also many inexpensive liners in Boots

    that could work...
  4. Thanks. Looked at Boots, lots of red, not much orange.

    Chanel liners all seemed blue based and dark, but will try Mac and YSL.
  5. NYX Auburn maybe? I believe it's a warm red, but not sure how much orange it has in it. However, I'm sure they'd have an orange & an orange-red in their line-up.
  6. I just purchased Chanel Spice and love it--a great reddish terracotta color.