Reccomended Spy Cleaner/Conditioner for Aussie Gals

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  1. Hi there. I went in to the Fendi boutique at Circular Quay yesterday and the SA gave my bag a polish up with Shu-Glo Leather Cleaner, Conditioner and Waterproofer. You can get this at most shoe repair places.

    Also not recommended but worked for me is Waproo Shoe Cream in Dark Brown for touching up white scuffs on my Chocolate Spy.
  2. I am from Sydney too. The SA that helped you wasn't Racquel was it? I bought my Chocolate Spy from her, and she is great and very helpful. So you just took you bag in and got it polished for free?
  3. I am not sure what her name was, I just asked what she would recommend to look after it and she put on her little white gloves and took her out the back! Very helpful!
  4. An SA in the Fendi boutique at the Rocks recommended Collonil leather conditioner.
  5. I haven't heard of that one but I'm sure it's good. My SA said there are plenty of fancy and expensive conditioners around but the Shu-Glo does the job and that is what she used on my bag :yes:
  6. Great english... :tdown: just before everyone thinks I'm an idiot around here I meant "A SA..."

    A tube of Collonial is about 12 AUD. Yeah there are a lot of things you can use. Whatever's available to you.