Reccomendations.. jeans for asian butt

  1. Help! Can someone rec jeans for asian butt .I have AG club and Paige hollywood hills and now shopping for another brand, in black or dark denim flare for the Fall? Can't do the skinny!!
  2. Try joes provocateur jeans...I inherited my dads asian behind and these seem to give them a nice shape and lift! I bought mine at metro park but you can also get them at
  3. I'm asian too and I love SFAM! You might wanna try the bootcuts
  4. Thanks for the advise!! It's shopping Sunday:smile:. Hubby will be watching football all day.
  5. Try TR's! They are fabulous! esp to those with flat ass like me!
  6. This is a little OT but I was really disappointed in the Joes Jeans in the provocateur fit (I'm asian with short legs). I tried two pairs on last week and they fit about the same as the regular cuts except the inseam is shorter. I was also disappointed that the hems did not have that distressed look. They looked exactly how I would've hemmed my own jeans. I don't think they put very much thought into them. It was like they grabbed a bunch of other cuts and just made the inseam shorter.
  7. Rock and Republic has a pair of dark bootcut jeans (style KIEDIS with color codr AD). Find it more flattering than TR because it lengthens your leg.
  8. My asian butt wears Paige Laurel Canyons and Blue Heights. Sevens don't flatter me at all.
  9. ^ ok , clue me in , what's the problem w/ Asian butts ? lol. You ladies are usually all so slim and petite !
  10. I really love Sevens in the bootcut and flare. I tried Joes Provocateur fit as well and found that they were cut too low and I could not sit down!
  11. Citizens for Humanity get my vote!
  12. i think diesel jeans are friends, cousins, and myself have been wearing them for years. i'm a loyal fan :P
  13. I can agree with you on the hems for certain washes because I have two pairs of joes provocateur...Harvey and Jackson. The Harvey has a distressed hem but the Jackson doesn't and I can understand how it can look like it was hemmed after purchase. Guess I'll just have to give it a distressed look myself. I also love how the back pockets are on the butt and not below it like some brands make them...just a preference. Either way love joes and think they are best fitting jeans I've tried on and bought so far! ;)
  14. citizens for humanity :heart: