reccomendations for a purchase under 3000?


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Aug 13, 2011
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Hi everyone! You may not know me, because I mostly post in the LV, TB and coach section, but I've always been an admirer of Chanel... the history, the story, the classic appeal... The impending price increases have always deterred me from buying a chanel in the past and I am now kicking myself for it!!!!! Now my excuse is that I feel guilty making such a big purchase, but I can't get it chanel out of my mind... I don't know too much of the current stylings of chanel these days, and I know the prices have changed dramatically since the last time I've seriously looked at chanel, so if you have a moment, can you suggest some classic items that will grow with me? (I'm 22 but want to stick with choosing classic pieces and want to avoid that "rookie mistake") Are there pieces from chanel that are under 3000? if its under 2700 that would be preferable. I am based in the US. Thank you so much for your time and insight! I really appreciate it!!


Jan 13, 2008
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Some suggestions for you :smile:

Let's start with the classic, for under $3000, maybe a GST $2900, my favorite color is beige with GH but the Cruise Red in SH is starting to grow on me as well :smile:

The seasonal collection, you have the In The Business (ITB) flap $2600 in calf skin, black on SH. Also the Medium Chain Around Crossbody $2800 is very nice as well, colors come in red, blue, and bright yellow (all super gorgeous for the season) :smile:
Aug 18, 2010
There's the new clutch that is a flap (about the size of a m/l flap bag) that has a short shoulder strap for $2100. I have it in black caviar with shw and i love it!


Sep 10, 2009
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elleestbelle said:
There's the new clutch that is a flap (about the size of a m/l flap bag) that has a short shoulder strap for $2100. I have it in black caviar with shw and i love it!
Congrats on your purchase. It sounds like a lovely bag. Do you I have picture that you can share?


Jun 7, 2011
I understand. All my bag were LV until recently. I just received and posted about my black caviar mini ($1900) first new Chanel. It's a classic type bag that can be worn different ways. My next purchase is going to be a black GST with GWH ($2900). I've pretty much decided with the prices, any Chanel I get will be as classic as possible so I can use them forever. I'm sticking with black caviar for now, but would also branch into red caviar....maybe beige or blue. Black caviar seems to be the easiest to care for. I've learned a lot reading the Chanel threads. :graucho: Have fun deciding!
Feb 19, 2011
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I would go for a GST, it's under $3,000 in the US and the red GST from 12c collection is beautiful!
Agree with floriade, the GST is from the classic collection and in this new color and caviar leather will probably bring the most quality and style as a first purchase for your Chanel collection. GL!
Jan 26, 2010
Heyy!! thanks for making this thread! i want to buy my first chanel hopefully this year but i prefer one under $2000. Are there any chanel pieces under $2000?


to the op: (sorry for asking a question on your thread..i just didn't want to ask a similar questions in a new thread).


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Jun 29, 2011
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Before i recommend anything, do you carry a lot of stuff with you?

I carry a iphone, a wallet, keys and chapstick
The new mini which cost $1900 fits everything i needed.


Sep 16, 2011
Las Vegas
I have one... In black patent ... It was $2100 and was first Chanel purchase last fall.I believe it is the timeless clutch like pp said. Love how it has such a classic Chanel look for better price then a flap... Although I finally caved and ordered a jumbo!
Or you could buy a mini for $1900.again classic Chanel look if you are on a budget...



Apr 14, 2009
Cerf tote for an understated elegant chanel bag - i think it would carry well as you grow older. I'm not sure sure of the current price...I bought mine for $2150 a few years ago so I would assume it's still under $3k even with the price increases

Also a Chanel 3 $2850. It looks like a classic flap but has more room than a med/lg and is more functional for me. I know others are weary about how delicate the lamb is on that bag, but i've worn it for about a week and haven't had any problems. I don't baby it but I definitely don't thrash it around like i do with my LV's