Reccomendation for a Black Bag

  1. I have an Black Epi Speedy 30 with gold hardware which I truly like but I will like another black bag...any ideas?

  2. Like Denim ? Neo cabby ??
  3. Hmm since you like epe howbout an Epi Montaigne or a Suhali Le Precioux or wait and save for a Mahina xs sorry if I didnd ask if you had a budget but those are the bags I would get if I was a girl...
  4. epi passy or alma so classy...
  5. IMO the best black is the Speedy. Since you already have it, I would suggest something in black denim. If you want something dressy, how about the new Bowling Montaigne or the Jasmin? The Jasmin is so chic - very Grace Kelly.
  6. The black Suhali Lockit is absolutely stunning. It's really practical too, because you can carry it for both casual and formal occasions.
  7. Black epi jasmin or alma would be lovely. The Madeleine PM is also very nice...
  8. black neocabby mm
  9. i would go for something in the suhali line. i have a black le talentueux and it is fabulous, i always get compliments when i wear it.
  10. I am really loving my Madeleine PM! :tup:
  11. Something in suhali would be so pretty, or you could go for something in the black denim line
  12. I'm waiting for the mahina xs it's really hott!!!
  13. I love my black denim neo cabby!!
  14. Go for an epi in black. Very elegant and classic.
  15. a clutch would be nice, like the epi montaigne. if you want a shoulder bag, you could get the epi madeleine.