reccomend any bag for me to look at for-

  1. hey all, im still on the hunt for a bag - not exactly luggage and not exactly messenger, i need a bag that will have a longer handle, becuase id swing it to my back and wear it. i love leather and was thinking about getting a leather one. i want to look at all my possibilites but would like to at this point spend around 300-400. it can be new or vintage, though i would rather not purchase from ebay at this time. no huge logos, i saw some gucci ones that looked to be a nice size, taller and narrower, like the size of a notebook, but it can be smaller then that. it would need to fit a couple of pens and my razr like samung mobile, keys and ipod- but didnt like their logo printed all over the place. more understated if you will. any ideas?
  2. but im not looking for a crappy yet durable bag lol, you know i want it to be nice, that im proud to wear around when im feverishly writing in rohrs or b&n. if it can be located in a store around here that would be great to beucase i would like to see it before i buy it, but i know that that cant always be possible.
  3. Quite like the look of this one:
    Lazaro Amayo Messenger $159.95

    Handpainted leather bags from Anuschka:
    Mini-purse 58 AC $123
    Abstract butterfly $91-95
    North South zip around $159-95
  4. Stylebakery had an article about some rising designers:
    Urban Kitty Slouch M
    Not sure if the strap's long enough?
    Persephone brown messenger bag

    Came across this lovely site about up & coming Scottish designers - especially like Luz de laguna designs and those of Sporran Nation which has among its designs this blue messenger bag. What do you think about it?

    Also, I think this bag is cute but its strap is probably too short:
    Linell Ellis Lynn
  5. Not sure if this is the sort of thing you're looking for, but I like this Ellen Tracy Hobo from Neiman Marcus:
    Ellen Tracy Hobo (chocolate)..jpg
  6. oh wow i have to check all these out! im sadly not looking for a hobo bag at this point, i need a squar/rectangular bag that i can put pens and a note book into. thanks for all the suggestions! ill check them out
  7. thanks for the selections girls! they werent exactly what i was looking for but a i saw couple of those painted leather bags that i want! but i first need to by for functionality, and then ill splurge on those!
  8. i could also go for after 400 as well i suppose.
  9. Hi aarti, what are the dimensions of the bag you are looking for?

    I read about this messenger bag on the TFS forum and one poster called it the "ultimate messenger bag" - it's functional rather than stylish, though:

    Thoughts on this David King leather messenger, please?


    This Schlesinger is available on ebags for $325:

    Levenger has a few messenger bags:

    The last one - Stanley Traveler Briefbag - not sure if the strap's long enough for the bag to be carried cross-shoulder:|PageID=3882|Level=2-3|PageID=4457|Level=2-3|PageID=1614|Level=2-3|Link=PI|special=search|ID=SearchClicked|i=1
  10. This Tano Rerun bag (I think it looks cool) can be worn messenger-style:

    On sale for $99 in one colour on, and if you want other colours ($155) you'll have to email that site:

    How do you feel about the colour cranberry? This Franklin Covey looks a bit small but it's a sling bag that can be converted to a backpack:
    $59-97 on offer
    Product description as follows:
    Product Details

    This slim, stylish bag gives you a fun and easy way to carry your productivity tools and does its part to help you achieve personal and professional effectiveness. Small and convenient, you'll find its interior has plenty of room for the essentials, and easily accommodates a Compact-size binder.
    Unzip the strap to convert from a sling pack to a backpack

    Buttery soft full-grain leather is luxurious yet durable enough to withstand the rigors of your commute across the city

    Plenty of pockets, inside and out, store and carry everything from your phone and PDA to business/credit cards and pens

    Easy-access side zipper makes it a snap to find just the items you're looking for

    Dimensions: 9.5" W x 13" H x 3" D

    Strap drop length: 21"


    Francesco Biasia Object of Desire:
  11. Aarti, I do apologize for posting so much in this thread (especially if my suggestions don't work) but since you said something about the handpainted bags, have you been to anuschkaleather's official website?
    Under "Totes" they have this product called "362 RS large bucket"

    Price isn't mentioned and I am not sure if it's still available.
    Item Code: 362 RS
    Art Description: RETRO STRIPE
    Size: 12.75" x 11" x 4..25"
    • Top zip entry
    • Front pocket with magnetic flap closure
    • Rear zip pocket
    • Inside zippered pocket
    • Adjustable shoulder strap
    • Cell Phone Pocket & Dog-Hook Key Holder inside
    There are Anuschka outlets in NJ (check out "find Anuschka"); if any of them happens to be in your neighbourhood, perhaps you could go take a look at the bags and see what they look like in real life.

    You might also wish to look at this on shoebuy:
    Anuschka North South Zip Around

    Also, I came across Erda bags today, they look interesting:

  12. Luxist just featured this messenger from Nanette:

    Nanette LeporePatchwork Bag$190.00
    Embodying the bohemian spirit of the 60s and the artsy, handcrafted look that's so fresh right now for spring, Nanette's beautifully handmade patchwork bag combines rich velvet with multicolored embroidery for a truly original take on the ubiquitous messenger bag.
    • Velvet with multicolored patchwork embroidery
    • Long velvet shoulder strap with topstitching; 19.5"
    • Inset zipper closure
    • Fine textile lining with patch pocket
    • 14.5" x 11.5" x 5" (at base)
  13. Okay, what I am getting from you is COOL BOOKBAG. Here are my choices. Pictures are from, but all bags are available elsewhere. I didn't follow the strap restriction because I had the same "must have long strap" requirement and have since let it go. A short strap can be a good thing.
    mudflaptote.jpg merkintote.jpg merkinplum.jpg juicytote.jpg
  14. Aarti, bags by Jas MB have been mentioned a few times on another forum - they are sold at Barneys, and are big in Japan apparently.

    This could work as a messenger perhaps but there's no mention of its dimensions:
    Leather frame bag $265

    Another up-and-coming designer, Christopher Kon, has this messenger bag (again, can't find out how big or small it is):

    Francesco Biasia Tamburno messenger $294