Reccmendations to remove spot marks?

  1. :cry: Hi all, after having a baby I have noticed that I am breaking out at least once a week. I have used Bio oil, but could anyone recommend any other products that will help to reduce my marks. I have seen the Shiseido brightening serum, which 'claims' to even out the skin tone. But, before I splash out just wanted to know what every one else thinks. I am getting desperate and feeling rather self consious- please HELP!!!!:crybaby:
  2. ok before you use mark reducing creams, oils, you need to make sure that you stop breaking out first, since putting serums/oils on your face will cause you to break out even more and this will just be a big endless cycle (trust me, I've been there)

    I've been seeing a dermatologist for 6 years now and basically when you have a bad break out you need to cure yourself of all spots on your face before you try to get rid of the marks.

    From the sound of it, your breakouts are hormonal, have you consider taking birth control to regulate your hormones so you would have less breakouts?
  3. Thankyou, that is such agood idea, as I just realised when I was on birth control my skin WAS alot clearer and I was suspicious of using bio oil, maybe that has been helping me top break out alot more. I really appreciate your advice x
  4. Maybe I can post my skin care routine, 'cos I'm almost 18 and without any acne... So I guess it did good.

    Cleanse with a milky cleanser (I use Dermalogica Ultracalming cleanser)
    Cleanse again with a foaming cleanser (I use Clarins Ultra foaming)
    Tone (Clarins toning lotion or SK-II facial clear treatment)
    Moisturise (Dermalogica Oil control lotion and maybe another moisturizer over to give some moisture to it)

    I use Dermalogica Medicated Clearing Gel on spots every night. I also currently use Mederma on scars.

    Hope this helps!
  5. An AHA will help turn over the skin cells sooner...
  6. That sounds great!:yahoo: Ummm...what is a AHA?:confused1: See I will try anything right now!